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Leather Gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by raj_27, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys

    I have recently started riding (since jan 2013) and when i was buying my riding jackets and pants i bought the one with mesh. Dririder airride 2 and rjays pants. I really wanted to buy leather gear since it provides best abrasion resistance but thought when whether starts getting cooler i would buy one.
    I have done around 2000 km in last 3 months and I think I should invest in a leather gear now.

    I have been researching a lot to see what should i buy. I am a bit confused.

    will leather be OK for winter? I am not planing to ride on a rainy-day but will have some rain gear under seat for emergencies.I would also like to extend the leather jackets and pants to slightly hotter days therefore planing to buy a perforated version

    What should I buy?

    Rjays Vs Dianese (online) Vs Tiger Angels

    I would love to get TA since they are tailored and have a very good review but cost you 900 for a jackets are really worth?

    Rjays misstral II looks like a good jacket for arround 350
    will this be good enough?

    Dainese alien jackets looks great and i can get one of these from overseas for 483 delivered

    For pants i was thinking of this:

    Looks like one of its kind in leather and i like the ability to easy on and off

    confusion with this is,it comes in mesh version too should i get the mesh version or not.

    What are your thoughts and recommendations.

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    Tiger Angel leathers are excellent. Worth the money of you plan to ride for a long time. Lovely soft leather.
    Perforated leathers aren't that good when its cold. Need to wear Knox coldkillers or Oxford Chillout under them. If you have mesh already, why bother?
    Suggest you look around and find a good two piece suit. They come on sale fairly regularly. Peter Stevens clearance centres are a good place to start. You need to try on a suit. But look around.
    Forget Rjays.

    PS You'll find you accumulate gear. I have a textile suit, 2 piece leathers, one piece perforated leathers and mesh jacket and pants. Apart form the textile suit, all bought on sale. mainly wear the textiles, which is tiger angel element jacket and pants.
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  3. Thanks twistngo.

    The only reason for perforated leather was to extend the use in to slightly hotter day and hence more safe. Will i be OK with those thermal wares inside the perforated leather.

    What do you think abound those compound leather pants? or do you recommend the normal leather pants?
  4. raj. Winter riding around Melbourne can be very cold. Wind chill is a big problem and hypothermia can happen so I don't wear perforated then. (I mainly have it for training days at tracks but I'm only out for 20 minutes at a time). Even under leathers I wear a base and mid layer. Toasty warm is good.
  5. Mesh or perforated gear is great when the weather is warm, but next to useless in the cold and wet.

    Most people who have been riding a few years will have at least 2 sets of riding gear and use the most appropriate for the conditions.

    If you are looking for gear that is warm and will keep you relatively dry (there's no such thing as 100% waterproof when it comes to motorcycle gear) then textile is the way to go. Pick a good brand and make sure it fits properly with all the liners in. If it were me I'd look at stuff that has the waterproofing on the outside, as opposed to a waterproof liner - personal experience speaking here.

    As an alternative, if you can only really afford one set of gear for all year round then I'd suggest you buy gear suited to the majority of your riding and invest in some good quality thermals, 'water proof' over jacket and pants, and possibly even those plastic over boots and over gloves.
  6. I have heard good reports about these guys www.sharkleathers.com.au. I just ordered a pair of gloves from them and if the quality is any good am thinking of buying a 2pce suit.
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  8. If your looking to buy leather I recommend www.motorama.it/en/

    Go to peter stevens to find your fize, then order from there :) works like a charm.
  9. the price was around $100 expensive compared to motoin. I think these jackets are discontinued apparently and they are on special at motoin. I did try some other dainese jacket at Peter Stevens guess how much they wanted me to charge for the same jacket $799. How ridiculous is that?
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  11. Most of the well known Italian and German suppliers quoted around same price +_ 50$. It is highly discounted since it is discontinued and they only have black/black colour combination. I am hoping it is not fake. I will find it out in few days i guess.
  12. Got some Dainese gear from motoin; jacket, pants and back protector.
    alien jacket for €394.12 EUR
    pony pants for €242.86 EUR

    takes a couple of weeks to ship, and communications with them can be a bit patchy in translation, but I'd buy again. Good price on the jacket. As you said, it must be close-out.
  13. My new avro jacket arrived last week from motorama. Was about 460 or 470 australian shipped. Versus the 700 or 800 sale price I saw at peter stevens.
  14. It is some kind of BS. Dainese themselves sell it for 400 euros.
  15. Yeah, but even other brands like Alpinestars which is American is hundreds of dollars cheaper, even with the massive shipping costs.
  16. Alpinestar is Italian
  17. I stand corrected. Not sure why I thought it was American. Well, that makes even more sense that it is cheaper :eek:
  18. I don't understand how they can sell it much cheaper than the Dainese is selling it for. Just sounds a little suspicious. It's fine when it's cheaper than PS, but how can it be cheaper that the price of the "producer".
  19. It happens all the time everywhere.

    You will not always save going straight to manufacturer. Since distributor buys in bulk they get a best price hence they pass on to buyers. Manufacturers are manufacturers they are great at manufacturing but not selling therefore they leave it to retail outlets. I can give you many instances where similar things like this happen.

    mind you the price on dianese website is inclusive of 20% tax which will not be charged.
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