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Leather cleaning & conditioning

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by alex92, May 29, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm buying $1500 worth of leather gear so might as well spend some money on decent stuff which will keep them soft, while protecting them and allowing them to keep their colour. Any suggestions?? All my leathers are blue/white so I need something that won't discolour them.

    I read beeswax is good. I read that you just warm the leather up to open the pores and then rub in the beeswax, then rub off any excess cream after 30mins or so.. I heard the heat makes them shrink, unless you are stretching the leather while it is warm, in which case it will stretch. I only plan to do this process once (for now anyways), as I don't want to keep warming up the boots.

    Gloves fit well. Jacket is slightly big so I don't mind if it shrinks a little bit.. So I probably wont bother wearing the jacket after I warm it up and apply the cream/whatever I buy.

    Also, I have 43 boots which are a good length but are quite tight around the middle of my foot. The 44 were way too big so I opted for the 43, as I knew they would stretch.

    I'll probably warm them up with my feet inside, apply the cream and then continue to wear the boots for a few hours so they mold to the size of my feet.

    Is it best to use warm water to warm the leathers up, or a hair dryer?

    Also, what should I use to clean my gear?

    Thanks alot :)
  2. Insect guts usually keep my leathers nice and supple.
  3. Walkabout Leather in Camberwell is where I get my leather gear altered/repaired. They put me on to ZORBEL leather conditioner by JL. I was using Dubbin originally. I apply it monthly. My leather is nice and soft and supple. Cleans insect guts off very well also.
  4. I've been using Meguiars gold class leather cleaner and conditioner. Seems to work ok so far.. Hopefully it doesn't make the leather less resistant to abrasion...8-[
  5. Can you tell me where this is? I can't find it in the yellow pages or anywhere...

  6. think he means this one

  7. Lexol Leather Cleaner and Conditioner
    Zymol Leather conditioner
    Final Inspection Leather Feed

    If you're going to use a cleaner just make sure you test it first incase the leather isn't colourfast. Also you shouldn't have to do anything to the leather before applying these products ie heating etc.
  8. Hi Guys,
    Just ordered my first leather jacket and need to get educated on how to clean and care for it properly.
    Any particular cleaner/conditioner products out there that should be avoided at all costs?
    The guys at PS advised me to stay away from renapur saying it's only for boots and recommended I get the Dainese leather protection & cleaning kit.
  9. Have bookmarked that page. There seems to be a difference of opinion on what to use/not use for cleaning/conditioning leathers. In the similar thread below with 30 posts melsleather is staunchly against using any animal product on the leathers while others say it's ok. I'm very confucious.
  10. I work on the theory that cows don't use non-animal products on their skin. But after some 5 years of using emu oil my leathers are still looking almost as good as the day I bought them (only difference being the wear caused by my helmet rubbing on the shoulders of my jacket).

    Of course what's safe for non-synthetic stitching is a subject of much debate here on NR (just search for Dubbin). Unfortunately I've been far too busy to do the requisite testing needed to answer that particular question one way or another.
  11. of course they'll tell you not to use something they don't sell.
    oh wait, is this coming from the same company who knowingly told another member on here to use a product that would eventually destroy their helmet visor??
    seriously dude, buy the renapur. it's NOT just for boots. i know i'm not the only one who uses it on my jacket
  12. Just a tip, if you really want to clean leather theres no such thing as a cleaner and conditioner. At best theyll remove some surface dirt and thats about it. Youll want to clean and rinse the leather, then apply a conditioner.
  13. I use the Nivea hand cream in the blue bottle to soften/condition my leather and Sno Seal to waterproof one a year or so.
  14. Thanks for all the info guys keep it coming so so many different approaches, methods and products that I am still Confucius.
    So these products are good
    emu oil
    sno seal
    Do above 3 condition or clean only or do both?
    And these are no good
  15. nikwax seems a good product easy 2 stage application process.
    Ftr the jacket is perforated. Will this make any difference?
  16. The dribbles from roadside bacon butties used to work wonders for mine. As a bonus it allowed me to magically befriend savage dogs too :D.