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VIC Leather and whips at the MRAA????

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Chairman, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. According to their website (I know - link not permitted) there's to be a spot of discipline at the coming special general meeting. This has appeared on the home page:

    Anyone know what this is about? (I guess I could ask over there, but you need to be a member to post - and them fiendish MRAA types lurk here, I'm told)

  2. I know - sounds mysterious! Nothin' like a good spot o' discipline...
  3. You can buy a brick for 50 bucks and then all in all your just another brick in the wall.
  4. i know, i know, someone been a naughty boy :LOL:

    log on and find out, most know WHO IT IS!!! :p :p
  5. Educated guess ... DC shooting his mouth off again and purporting to represent the MRA. He did this in some recent radio interview about WRB's in Tassie.
    MRA's had years to give the twat the boot, but never had the balls .. doubt this will be any different.
  6. They stand to gain a truckload of credibility should they expell the weasel from the org.
  7. and that they will :cool: :cool: :cool:
  8. c'mon Vic tell us what you really think :LOL:
  9. So is DC finally getting the boot from the MRA ?

    Might have to join up if so :)
  10. I'm posting this reply to avoid further speculation because the names and details have been released on another public forum and spread by email by Damien along with private correspondence.

    We therefore consider ourselves to be released from any privacy obligations to Damien. The name of the other member involved has been with held here.

  11. So expel him not suspend him.
    Be done with him once and for all and maybe the Mra's membership will see a sharp rise.
  12. Thats the whole point of the meeting he IS suspended, this is the final step in getting him expelled.

    Shall be an interesting day. :shock:
  13. that it will, as he is allready drumming up old freinds ( not) and angry emails back and forth with the board, ( so i am told from a reliable sourse)

    he knows he nicked, as well as facing the board at the MRAA, he will have to answer to NATCOM of the ulusses as well

    now that would be interesting to say the least
  14. TonyE,

    Is this SGM for MRA members only or can any interested parties attend?
  15. Obviously only MRA members can vote. :LOL:

    It's not necessarily a closed meeting unless members present vote to make it one. It should be a relatively short meeting. The only business that can be transacted is the business for which the meeting was called.
  16. Gentlemen, may I make a suggestion, that people be careful what they say here on this forum.
    I'm honestly not trying to stir the pot, but:

    (i) Some statements here are verging on defamatory themselves;
    (ii) If the matter goes further the less said the better on forums such as this.
  17. Unless DC shows up :)

    Raises an interesting point, since he is currently suspended and hence not a member, will he be allowed in to the meeting? :grin:
  18. In the interests of fairness and to allow him to vote the suspension has been lifted for this meeting.
  19. ...i thought this was gonna be rated xxx, crap
  20. Or for Queenslanders XXXX