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Leather Alterations - Sydney?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by 2Fast, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Hi Everyone

    Need a bit of alteration done to my jacket,
    fits perfect around the chest, but is a bit loose around the waist.
    First question, do you think it's possible to alter the jacket in this way?
    Second, does anyone know where in Sydney that do good leather work?

    It would probably cost a fair bit, but thems the breaks - i wish i wasnt such a cheap bastard, and bought my jacket from a store here instead of the internet, I wouldnt be in this problem. Steep learning curve.



  2. Hi Andre,

    I hear you on the internet purchase - my leather pants need to be shortened by about 8 inches so I'm looking for somewhere in Sydney to get it done.

    I've heard of 2 places - DBT @ Yagoona (www.yellowpages.com.au) and another lady around Gladsville / Auburn / Paramatta way (but cant find the bookmark).

    Good luck.

  3. I have used a crowd called Venus Leather Repairs,first class work near Town Hall in the city,92670706
  4. Massive thread necro, but i just dropped my jacket off to Venus leather today, will get it back in about a week and a half. Leather has stretched out somewhat, so getting the seams around the waist taken in as well as the arms.
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  6. There are a couple of good pie shops that should do the trick.:rofl:
    I've also heard good things about oz motorcycle leathers at Surry Hills
  7. Got my jacket back from Venus Leather..
    Wow what a great job! Really nice and snug like a jacket should be. Very well done. Cost $200 to make the arms slimmer, relocated the side button tabs, delete the side zip expansion joint, and make it tighter throughout the entire body.
  8. Damn if I knew I would of got u to pick up my suit from there :) I got no friggin time to go to the city and they are closed Saturday's
  9. Took the work ute and everything to abuse the loading zone out front.
  10. Everywhere says Venus is good. My mate got his Dainese Pelle done there. He slid off on the old pac and messed up the elbow.

    Hey Panza, out of curiosity what jacket did you alter? I'm planning to do the same thing with a Dainese (a bit loose) and get alterations at Venus. Does the armour hug snugly or does it still move around?

    Shops mark up them up like $400... At sales, the jackets drop to 7-800... I could buy a pair of leather pants....
  11. https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=121990
    thats the jacket. Its a pretty relaxed fit to begin with,but damn the arms were waaayy to loose, they made the XL for fat fvcks, but thats the only one that fit my shoulders.

    Armour is now snug. Its perfect now.
  12. Good stuff... I saw that jacket at MCAS in Auburn - Looks the goods, but I was worried the patches might peel off over time. Is the jacket any good on the road?

    I'm hoping the Venus bill won't be too high - If I take in the chest/waist they'd need to open up the collar, lining and maybe other things too, which I can imagine = loads of labour... I wear a 48 - 50 Euro (I think 38-40 USA/UK) and I'm trying to fill out a 52... Give it some shrink in the rain, buff up a bit more, fill it out with a jumper since it's winter. My Vanson atm has shoulder armour that rolls, not good at all. Ahh, why do I bother...
  13. The patches wont come off, they're sewn on, pretty well actually. If not, just re sew them back on. The jacket is very good, very heavy, can get a little hot in summer though.

    $200 bucks for my job, It'd pretty much be the same for you i gather.