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Leather Alterations Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by bobthekelpy, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Netrider brains trust, recommend me a leather alteration place.

    The sleeves on my jacket a bit long and it annoys me everytime I wear the jacket. Any recommendations on trustworthy places for alteration? Obviously I don't want my jacket hacked by a nufty.

  2. By far the best in Melbourne is walkalong in Camberwell.

    But you pay for the privilege.

    I've had leathers repaired there way too often. I had the ambos cut off the arm on my brand new one piece and he repaired it so well you wouldn't have known.

    But you must specify as he has done my race suit now a few times and it's done for repair rather than looks.......
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  3. What about Mars Leathers in the CBD?
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  4. Sell jacket and buy a new one, esp if repairs costly...
  5. Well that's just it, have no idea what it's going to cost, so need to contact them and ask, but wanted suggestions on reputable companies to get started with.
  6. I've heard Matador in Bentleigh are OK but never used them.
  7. I recently used Matador in Bentleigh. I purchased a Dainese jacket but found the sleeves were too big in circumference from the elbow to the wrist. He tailored both to suit, modified the cuff and replaced the button for $70 and did a fantastic job as well. It took about a week to do.
    My wife has used Mars with good success also.
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  8. +1 for Mars Leathers. Good service and I thought the job of shortening my leather pants with all that armor in there was going to cost a fortune. $120 in the end and an awesome job.
  9. Are MARS doing their own alterations? Last I enquired about a repair with them (>4yrs ago) they were batch sending off repairs and alterations once a week to somewhere.
  10. I was also told the same a few weeks ago.
  11. Great information. This is similar to what I need done. My Dainese jacket is a few cm too long in the sleeve and too wide at the wrist.
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  12. Same, my jacket basically didn't taper from the elbow to the cuff, from memory he took out 35mm and you'd never know except for having to change the button.

    Hot tip. When you go looking for his shop (Nick), it's the little lane way between other shops and I don't think he has Matador on the sign.
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  13. I think they do send them off to a little man somewhere, but the time they took to make sure the alterations were going to be exactly what I asked for was comforting. They new exactly what and how the pants needed to be altered. The fact that they didn't actually do the alterations didn't bother me and it only took about a week.
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  14. I have used bikers gear in ferntreegully to replace zips ,fit Velcro belt & repair stitching .
  15. Expert Leather Repairs and Alterations
    266 Centre Rd
    Bentleigh Ph95577280
  16. So can we all asume NicholasNicholas is somehow connected to matador?

    After bombing the threads asking about leather repair at basically the same time?
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  17. Actually that is a bit suspicious if not also a bit helpful since leather repairers do seem light on the ground.

    NicholasNicholas would you like to declare your hand?
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