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Least unreliable Triumph?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Vertical C, May 22, 2015.

  1. 595

  2. Rocket

  3. Speed triple

  4. One of the tiger

  5. Daytona

  6. Scrambler

  7. 70s triumph which don't really count but are better still.

  8. That weird tricycle

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  1. I keep getting criticised that I can't comment on the Triumph as I have never owned one. So I am thinking of buying one so I can comment on ust how bad they are. I am a masochist. This is against all my research about how they actually perform but it's only money.

    So... Which is the best to give them a fighting chance. Which model should I pick? I kind of like the old 595 for looks, but the R3 would be interesting. I think I would get an old speed triple if I got a naked bike as they are less douchey looking

    Don't want to spend more than $15k too.

    Yes this is serious, though I may come to my senses when I sober up
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  2. Bearing in mind your history of cruiser ownership - I'd suggest the rocket. It's probably the least stressed engine too.
    For getting around where you live though I'd suggest one of the Tigers - specifically the XRx as it's road oriented and high enough to be good at cutting through traffic.
  3. Why don't you buy your most preferred Motorcycle so you can comment on how good they are?
  4. Street triple all the way :)
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  5. I picked Speed Triple but only because you didn't have Street Triple as an option.
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  6. if you have 15 to spend why would you buy an old one?
    go get a street or a speed, they will prove your theory to be wrong.
    everyone will be laughing at you, but you will have a kick arse bike.
    so win win for everyone...
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  8. I am watching you know
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  9. daytona is love

    daytona is life
  10. Won't go near anything that Uncle Greg has thrown his leg over... I saw what happened at Jindabyne ;)
  11. Find a nice low mileage tiger 1050
  12. Aye, they are nice machines. Biggest trouble, at least for me, is that they are a wee bit too tall, but they do seem to be reliable.

    Are we talking 675 ones here, Jack? If so, and the rider actually manages to fit comfortably, then, yes, they are bloody good bikes, although I have heard of one of them "lunching" its engine with some problem with timing chain.

    The Street Triple that I had was a fairly reliable machine. It only had the Reg/rec recall, and a broken detente spring in the gearbox.

    The "new" replacement spring was noticeably thicker and stronger than the broken one, which <shrug> didn't impress me too much.

    AFAIK, the Bonnie is fairly good, assuming it's ridden and treated as a sensible bike rather than a potential racer. Actually, the one I knew, that was thrashed quite mercilessly, seemed to bear up quite well to its mistreatment.

    The Rocket 3 should be as reliable as all hell, nowadays, provided nobody f*cks around with the ECU. It has all sorts of rules coded there to protect itself, or possibly, its rider, but to me there is still a bad taste in the stories of the weak gearbox bits..... if you broke the gearbox, Triumph would fix it, but they didn't do a recall on it.

    To be honest, sobering up seems a good plan.

    Compared to the mainstream Jap bikes, Triumph still don't seem to make it in reliability, which I think is a pity, but there you are.
  13. is this fact or just what you think? i would love to see the numbers.
  14. BMotorcycle%2B%2BWorkshop%2BTriumph%2BTigress%2BBSA%2BSunbeam%2BScooter%2BSupermarine%2BScimitar.

    Just the ticket: the Triumph Tigress ;)
  15. Just my opinion....FWIW.
  16. And BMW now behind Harley for reliability. Every time you buy a vehicle you take some kind of risk to quality. Every bike seems to have some kind of issue. The 675 has stator and reg/rec issues. But normally they appear early on and are covered by warranty. And correct me if I'm wrong JustusJustus but most warranty parts are then covered by a brand new factory warranty period
  17. To my knowledge the original warranty on the vehicle remains the same.
  18. Aye, sad, i'n't it?
  19. But the new part is covered for the original period again. I had my Ute get a new diff. Stub to stub and had a 2 year warranty from install date
  20. Fair enough, I think you may have been lucky as it's my understanding that a replacement part generally assumes the remaining warranty of the original part. That wouldn't preclude you from any rights under consumer laws however and it would always be worth trying for a claim if it eventuated.
    I've had a quick look around and haven't been able to conclusively prove this except for a similar statement from several manufacturers of other products, that is that a replacement part is warranted for the remaining period of the original warranty.