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Least Terrible Harley Dealer for Servicing [MELB]

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by slickncghia, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. G'day Guys,

    Will be getting the first service soon. Ive only ever had bikes that were out of wty before and have always serviced them myself.

    I will be taking it to a hardley dealer to get the first service at least for wty and i want to get a genuine accessory fitted.

    Has anyone had much experience with getting harleys or buells serviced in melbourne?

    Looking for someone with decent customer service and knows which end of the spanner to use.

    its a buell 1125cr btw

  2. Find the one all the tattooed blokes go to, not the yuppies.

    In NSW you get your Hardly serviced at Blacktown Hardley, not Frasers.
  3. TonyE spoke very well, on NR, of his servicing experiences with Harley City in Brunswick (from the time when he won the Liptons Tea Harley competition....) (Assuming I remember right, Tony, and am not mis-remembering-representing what you said?)
  4. Absolutely correct Matt. The only thing wrong with them is that they only do Harleys.

    I would thoroughly recommend them based on my experience. John K uses them as well for his Harleys - he might want to offer some advice as well.
  5. cheers guys, I will give them a call. Was going to pass them up as the member of their sales staff I dealt with was a wanker of the highest proportions
  6. John Deere or Massey Ferguson dealer? :)
  7. I dunno if you need to bother making sure you use a Harley guy - these new Buells don't use their shitty engines anyway. If it were me, I'd go see Pete the Pom, and take a service manual with me.
  8. I would rather eat my own poo than have a Harley or Buell enter this workshop [-(
  9. you just lost some business there pete
  10. It was a tounge in cheek comment but I dont do Harleys anyway. The whole issue of buying another range of special tools and equipment for the handfull of Harley's I'd see in a year just inst worth the financial out lay. Plus Im a jap bike guy through and through and Harley's just aint my bag.

    The guys on Sydney Rd are the way to go in Melbourne if you want it looked after properly. Heard some good stuff about what they do.

    PS: Had a Vindaloo last night. I really wouldn't what to try eating my own poo today at all.
  11. yeah its fair enough. the "some business" thing was also a joke about the unreliability of americas finest. I still owe you a sixpack for helping
    me with the clutch cover on the kato.

    but phwoar servicing aint cheap. $308 for the first service.

    apparently thats about right though. lucky the intervals are at 10k eh?

    I thought the ktm was expensive to service when i would have to buy 2 oil filters for $3 each and 1.3l of super duper oil for $30

    Oh well, its worth it to keep the WTY.
  12. O RLY? Even the Rotax Buells use silly Harley tooling?
  13. good point, also what different tools are required. I would think for a simple oil change and look over it couldnt be much. but if anything major goes wrong in the next 3 years i would do to a dealer anyway as its a wty issue