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Least Favourite Car thread

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ad91on, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Discuss.

    I have always hated those stupid Peugeot 206cc things.

    They make me SO ANGRY.

    Especially this one:


  2. Prius hybrids and the fuckheads who drive them thinking they are saving the environment.
  3. Actually I have another addition:



    And my brother and my dad BOTH have BRIGHT WHITE late model X5's which rate highly on the "knobometer".

    Their only saving grace is that they opted for the diesel, but I still quite openly express how I take them as human beings less seriously for driving them.
  4. Yeah, that's my pick too. I was given one as a rental car and despite going in with an open mind; frankly the Prius stands for everything I hate about the modern motoring experience.

    Numb steering feel, harsh ride yet poor body roll, wildly inconsistent throttle response depending on current speed, excessive brake boosting with no feel, no rake adjustment on the steering wheel...

    Its only redeeming feature was the "EV Mode" game I invented, where the driver gets to see how far and fast they can drive on battery power only without hearing that angry, disdainful BEEPBEEPBEEP! when the car exceeds the maximum-current limit 'n start its engine up to meet power demands.

    Grrr. Dislike that car.
  5. [​IMG]

    self explanatory.
  6. well.... that ends this thread
  7. Funny, the only time I ever drove a Prius was when I was given an "upgrade" by Hertz. I too went in with an open mind, however, that changed within a few kilometres of the airport.

    Upgrade???? Compared to the Prius, giving me a pedal car would have been an upgrade.

    Dislike them intensely, followed closely by anything Hyundai and Kia.
  8. Those fucken gay ass smart cars.
    And anything that has an electric motor that drives the wheels.
  9. Camry's specially fuken silver ones.. and courier vans .. fukc I hate courier vans .. and taxi's ..fukcing tax'is .. and people movers .. fukc..!
  10. VW Caddy, work traded in a ute for this hunk of junk, and now I can't fit the bike in back.
    Gone are the days. Terrible to drive as well imo.

  11. I agree with ad91on, BMW X6, douchebag car of the century to date.
  12. LEXUS!!!!!
    lexus definitely tops the list for me.
    they're nothing more than a rebadged toyota with a 25% surcharge for having a big L on the bonnet. effing MUPPETS

    and we can't forget BMW. can't say regarding bikes as i only (personally) know one BMW bike owner but on the whole BMW car owners are self-important wankbags.
    audi are much the same
  13. So much hate from people who know so little ...
  14. ^^^ please enlighten us, we are misled by our gut feeling!
  15. For some reason the bright coloured or metallic painted commodores and falcons seem to be driven by the most arrogant bike haters. Always keep my distance from them.
  16. Mazda2. Especially this one P-plater I see around my area with the pink custom numberplate "WATEVZ"...:-s
  17. Is she hot?
  18. You are so right.

    Every ****ing p-plater has a friggin mazda 2 in my area. All of them. I love splitting to the front and sitting in front of them pushing my own p-plate in their face.

    They make me SO ANGRY.
  19. I am sooooo disappointed, not one mention of those bloody VOLVO's!!?? whats the go guys? I bought one once for my wife cause she deserved it lol.
    I still stay well away from them, even new ones!!