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Learning to wheelie

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grim32, May 21, 2007.

  1. #1 grim32, May 21, 2007
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    Just a passing thought at the moment, like a lot of things lol but has anyone seen one of these wheelie machines in australia or even better nsw. I would much rather have a go on this first that watch my bike slide down the track if i muck it up.

  2. That is possibly the lamest, dorkiest piece of technology I've ever seen. You go girl!

    A f*cking wheelie machine. Hahahahaha!

    Get out there, clutch it up and stop being a biatch! The entire point of learning to wheelie is growing some cojones!
  3. I can show you how to wheelie.

    Notes to self get picture of zzr250 with front wheelie in air in 4th gear.
  4. That's way cool!

    yes I'm a wheelie gimp :(

    Can you imagine how popular that would be at something like the motorcycle expo.
  5. Type in wheelie machine on youtube and there are heaps of them on there, i had never heard of them before.

    Tell me you wouldnt have a go if you seen one at a motorsport event or easter show or something. Starting to get a business idea hear lol
  6. You can put it right next to the roller coaster simulator.

    Leaving aside the inherent disgrace of leaerning to wheelie on a little simulator, take a look at how it works. No clutch, rev the engine and the front comes up. This teaches you nothing about pulling a wheelie. There's some merit to showing chickenshit dweebs where the balance point is, but woe betide the knob who gets off that machine and goes out to pull wheelies in his own bike.

    Please, for your OWN sake, learn to wheelie the GPX with honour.
  7. +1

    could be me needing to go to optometrist and not the bottlo (seriously).... but theres a couple times where he fiddles with the "clutch" at times where i reckon he'd angel gear it down to earth, let go and fall off teh back..

    could be wrong though.
  8. Well there is only the zx6 at the moment and id prefer not to destroy that just yet, and as you can imagine a wheelie on a 250cc 2 stroke can be tricky. Just a touch of band throws you off the back pretty quick
  9. :rofl: aaaah Lawrence,you crack me up sometimes
    Cojones huh,now now my man,we all gotta roll at our own pace :wink:
    I been riding 3 times as long as you and you can mono 6 times better than me :-k so that means Im half assed rider spose :?

    Then you got dudes like N*A*M who opens up a can o whupass on both of us :shock:
  10. i'm so starting a wheelie school once i get the insurance sorted :idea:
  11. :p

    The guy took it too high and was falling off the back towards the end of the vid. If that had happened in real life he would probably crashed, and died :twisted:
  12. That's slightly homosexual.
  13. Was the engine on? Were those real RPM's? Was the back wheel spinning?
  14. Thats what she said.
  15. Bollocks. That twit would have lifted the front wheel three inches and shat himself and buttoned the throttle off. He would have done this the first 500 times, just like everyone else who's learning to wheelie does. You shit yourself again and again and again and go higher and higher until one day something magic happens and you're comfortable on the back wheel.

    The body has a built in "don't go over backwards" circuit. You shit yourself and throttle off.
  16. 500 times is a little over the top don't you think.
  17. +1 on the sh1t yourself loz. i've done a decent wheelie now. well got up pretty high for a lil 250 ;) but got scared before i found the balance point and throttled off. havent really tried since for the fear of flying backwards when travelling forwards:p feeling the twitch now though he he. might have to give a few goes next time i'm out for a rid eand not late for work :cool:
  18. Shhh I was trying to be dramatic.
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  20. [​IMG]

    But a rude shock awaits you if you think such a machine is going to help
    you &/or stop you from binning ya bike the first time you twist hard on
    that throttle mate.

    There is no substitute for having the balls to twist that right hand of yours
    I'm afraid.