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Learning to Swim

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Just a quick question, I have never learnt to swim. I was just wondering if anyone else has been in the same predicament as myself.

    What I am really looking for is an answer to how long do you think it will take me to learn to swim. I can't float and get a bit freaked out by putting my head under the pool surface .

    Thanks for your help;
  2. yeah ive never learned to swim either :(
    I can stay afloat but not really do anything :(

    good luck!!
  3. u probably don't want to join a class with 4 year olds, how about u grab the teacher and ask 4 private lessons - its pretty easy - fear not floating is the enemy. just go and talk to them
  4. It's pretty easy if you take it slowly, learning to swim in a pool can be fun, swimming in the ocean is completly different and you'll need to be a pretty good swimmer before you try that.
    Just make sure someone else is there to watch you and use one of those foam things to keep you afloat until you can keep yourself up.

    They have adult swimming courses which are good.
  5. Yeah I never learnt either although I sort of know what to do, and so long as I can touch the bottom I'm ok.

    It was well freaky learning to dive!
    Now, I am happy to snorkel in the ocean.
  6. yep, i reckon learning as an adult would be somewhat freaky, but it seems quite natural when u see little tackers do it...and i learnt early as well so its not a big thing
  7. Late 2004 at Apollo Bay just in front of Pieces Cabins. Light fading fast, raining and windy. Not a strong swimmer I got caught in a rip and got dragged out around 60m away from shore. That day I learnt to swim properly.

    If you want to learn just go your local pool and jump in the deep end :LOL: Remember let your legs do the work.
  8. As an ex swimming coach/ instructor I can tell you that the most difficult thing to learn is how to breathe properly. Most people can pick up the mechanics of the dtroke/ kick fairly quickly, but the breathing throws them. I've worked out a fairly good system whereby you can teach yourself how to correct any problems you may have in this area. It would take too much bandwidth to put it all in here, but if you email me, telling me exactly what stage you are at and what facilities/ equipment you have available, I'll write you a personalised program.