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Learning to ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by es, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. Is it possible to do new rider training somewhere before I get my L's? Im not old enough till late may, but would love to be able to go out straight after I get licenced!

  2. got any mates with dirt bikes?
  3. unfortunatly not anymore.
  4. You can try to call HART trainning centre to see do they take any one never do Learner Licence Course for the Practice Session.

    They have practice session for those failed their Learner Practice Test or who want to get more practice before they go for Licence Course but do not own a bike. It's a 1.5 hrs session which cost $60 on weekdays. If you aim for your Learner Test, then they will get you to practice anything will be on the Learner Practice Test.

    Hope that could help you.

  5. If you haven't got your Car Learners go get that, it will speed up the process of getting a bike learners as you will have to basically go do it anyway.
  6. thanks for the tip vivian... Ive been told that it will take longer to get my full bike licence if I have my car licence; and besides it will take me longer to get my car Ps if I get the Ls for them now than if I wait till im 18.
  7. eswen......not sure if you'd be interested but you could try going to the HART open day


    Book in for one of the Try It Sessions and barrel around thier riding area for a little while then hassle the guys about training and getting your license. You would probably be allow to do the course and perhaps even sit and pass the test, just the issing of the license and where you might come unstuck, By from memory you are given a sheet of paper that says you passed so you should be able to come back and get the licenses when you are legally old enough. But have a chat to the guys on the day to make sure my conjecture is correct.

    I'm not sure I follow your train of thought on the length of time it takes to get your license for bike and car, with the bike being delayed if you have a car license. Both license periods are independant of each other with two exceptions that i know of, if you have passed your L driving license then you don't have to sit that test again for the bike (but must do the written bike test) and if you have held a full car license (not P plates) for 3 years then the Probationary period on the bike doesn't apply but you are still under restrictions for the first year. The first exception may apply to you but the second won't.

    So my suggestion is to get your Ls for both your Bike and Car ASAP so that you get as much practice as possible and start eating into your required Learner and Probationary time sooner.
  8. I called HART (among others) today and got the same answers; they wont let anyone on a bike unless they are 18/18+, just for insurance reasons.
    When I called Motorcycle Motion, I was told that I could do the first part of their training (basics of starting up and changing gears etc) becuase Im so close to 18, and then when I do turn 18 I could just do the rest of the course.
    What I was trying to say with the car L/ps is that if one is over 18 when they get their Ls, they only have to be on them for 3 (or is it 6) months, however if I get them now (being under 18) I have to stay on them for the full year or two.
    What Ive been told is that if you are on your car Ps then you cant get your full bike licence untill you are 21. But Ive since looked through Vic Roads extreamly frustrating web site and what I gather is that you are on your bike Ps for 3 years anyway.

    Thanks for the tip, I hope that I can make it but I think Im supposed to be working that day.
  9. Gotcha!!!

    Sounds like you are on top of things now. 8)
  10. eswen, if you hold your learners for a full year or until you're 18, think of the experience you can get compared to the 3 months after you're 18. Besides, you can go get your licence on your 18th birthday. Think of it as a birthday gift :D And even though you will have to display your Ps for 3 years, you get off your restrictions (for bigger bike and able to carry pillion) in 1 year.
  11. I realise the need for experience (specificly with car licences in this case), but I wont be ABLE to get the experience anyway as within 3 moths I will be moved out and no longer have access to fully licenced drivers. There would be no point me having Ls at all. Its kind of a mute argument anyway becuase I dont think Ill be going for my car Ls untill my bf is 21 anyway lol.
  12. Dont confuse being on your P's and being restricted on your bike licence. Hope I'm right with this but deal is...

    - you must be 18 to get you bike L's
    - you must hold them for a minimum of 3 months
    - once you pass your full licence test you are on restrictions for 12 months (250cc, 0 BAC, no pillion).
    - if you have already served a P period on a car then you do not need to display P plates (restrictions still apply for 12 months after passing your full licence test).
    - if you are on your P's with your car licence you need to display P's on your bike until your probation period ends (restrictions still apply for the first 12 months after passing your full licence test on the bike)
    - once your 12 month restrictions are up you are free to upgrade to any rocket you wish (if you are still on P's you can have the honor of riding a R1 with a P plate on the back).
    - I ASSUME the P period on a bike will be the same as a car if you have never held a car licence (3 years?)

    My advice however is get some road experience in a car before leaping on the bike. There are things you can get away with in a car when you are learning that you cant on a bike. Learn the road rules, experience the idiotic driving around you, learn how the traffic behaves and build some judgement. Starting on a bike without these skills is quite a challenge and will most likely find you wanting. Once you are a reasonable driver then go the bike.
  13. Yes, 100% correct (for Victoria)