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Learning Speeds...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by tmg, May 31, 2006.

  1. ok this isn't about going slow on a bike. it's about how fast people, including myself, took to learn to ride a bike.

    I am getting really good at the riding and changing gears and all I need to learn, according to the instructor, is how to counter-steer through corner at speed - 80km so I am told, overtaking traffic (same direction traffic that is), and to change lanes without looking over my shoulder more than once - apparently looking more than once is a "sign of incompetance" and I need to work on this.

    I would like know more tips on riding too if you guys and gals could help out. I only need 2 to 3 hours more riding tutorial and then I can go for my license as I was told by the instructor, which I hope is all it takes as I cant wait to ride unrestricted and on my own.

    Is it scary the first time?
  2. Heaps of stuff in here and all over the web.

    Search on "road craft" and "tips" in here. There's a new riders tips thread somewhere.

    Also go to www.msgroup.org for the source of virtually all practical riding technology.

  3. Gee, I duno, I usually look twice when changing lanes....I look, then indicate, wait a few seconds, look again and change.
    I've missed people more than once driving cars and don't intend to do it on a bike thanks!
    I realy dislike people who bring personal phobias/ beliefs into education.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. TMG,
    Is this instructor charging you by the hour?
    Of course its scary first time. Its scary every time. Why else would we do it?
    You'll know when you're ready. Just go for it!
  5. Where i would normally look at my mirror i look over my shoulder, so kind of look indicate look, i got taught on a bike with useful mirrors and it was mirror indicate look, so it to me depends on your bike.
  6. I dont see a problem with you looking twice, as others have said many of us look, mirror, look, move. Guess it comes from the old look left, look right, look left again then cross as kids :grin:

    He sounds a bit "elitist" to say its a sign of incompetance.

    I dont know what the QLD test involves so dont know what skills you need. The NSW one is all low speed carpark stuff, just practice tight turns and your right.
  7. It's scary every time with traffic.
  8. You mean the instructors attitude towards me? Yeah I can't see how looking more than once is a bad thing, and I did that look - indicate - look - change thing and I didn't feel like I was incompetent, just lookin out for myself, and there ain't nothing wrong with that.

    I would imagine being alone on a bike in peak hour or any traffic density for that matter would be a little hairy, but I can't wait to get a bike and start riding by myself.
  9. okay. I was confused as whether you had your L's or not...... Looked thru your other posts and it seems u have. Not sure what the QLD licence procedure is but after your L's here in tassie your on your own unless you organise lessons with stay upright at $90/hr.

    I have only been riding for 4 weeks(@1500km) and the first time out on the road I was shitting bricks. Start off on your local streets that you know off by-heart. After a while things come together nicely. Now I feel as one with my bike and keep having to remind myself not to get over confident. You will have little woopsies along the way.....hopefully nothing major.. I scared the crap out of myself the other day with a second gear compression lock up into a round about... didn't drop it and then gave it a gut full out the other side (to the speed limit) as if it was the bikes fault! doh!

    Remember "There is no spoon"
  10. I agree w/ Typhoon

    Ive been riding for 4 years and Im still learning, which I think is healthy.

    Just do what I do - take your riding seriously - like its your job. Practice, think about riding whenever you can, and read some books like Kieth Code's Twist of the Wrist II (I think its the better one). Arm yourself with knowledge and you'll become confident and with experience, safer.
    I try to learn from every opportunity because I dont ever want to look back from my hospital bed and be like "f@ck! Shoulda seen that one coming!"

    I remember I read somewhere:

    Riding a bike is like having two bags - one empty and one full. A rider's job is to fill one bag with experience while making sure his luck doesnt run out of the other!
  11. On the looking over the shoulder thing I am like Nexus -mirror, indicate, look.
    Countersteering is vitally important, however you don't need speed to practise it. If you can zig zag through imaginary cones in a local car park, you can countersteer. I found the best place to practise it is on long sweeping corners and gently pushing the inside bar to change my line in the curve (it's a great feeling).
    First time I rode on the road was when I tested a bike I ended up buying, yep it's scary, but just take your time.
    I have now been riding for 13 years and commute 115km per day in traffic (rain, hail shine).
    Learn, practice, gain road experience, ride within your limits and trust yourself. Don't trust others with your life on the road. The one that hits you wil be the one you were sure had seen you.
  12. Hands up all those who while doing driving lessons for car licence before doing the actual driver test, that the driving instructor drumed into our heads look in review & side mirror before overtaking etc.

    Hell I sure as hell look, mirror look before I do anything.

    Think this guy milking you for all he can get. What makes him so perfect. I am yet to see ANYONE who is perfect as a driver or rider.