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Learning something new each day

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by undii, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. And my thing that I learned today is as follows :


    So, what did you learn today? Maybe you learnt the sky is blue or ducks go quack (or learnt that their quacks DO echo!), but it isn't real if it isn't in print and/or internet url etc... So, bring it on :-s

    For the people who can't read and comprehend, this is a "captain obvious" headlines thread, not "funny headlines" thread :p
  2. Ok, one with a religious slant :-s


  3. haha thats just stupid and funny
  4. lol... cant help but join in.

    Mr Messy's top tip of the day:
  5. The scary thing is the sheer number of people that completely dissasociate store bought food with it's animal origins. Even though I'm vegan, it's only cause I think weight watchers is gay, and vegans pull the sensitive chicks, so I'm no preacher. I've shot and ate in my time, but damn city folk can be daft on the cold harsh reality of it all.
  6. Yeah. People who kill (optional), gut, skin, etc. animals themselves (or have done so at least once) get my respect. But if you can't bear to do the dirty work, are you really entitled to eat the end product?