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Learning on XVS650 for a small bloke

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by nihon_ev, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. Hi all,
    Ok, well firstly hi again to everyone! This is my first post here, but i've spent the last month reading heaps of stuff in here on advice for people just like me, brand newbie's to the bike scene! Everyone seems to offer such friendly and helpfull advice and i want to just thank you all for the wealth of knowledge that you've provided.

    I apologise in advance for the long post!

    Finally after a year or two of saying to myself, "i should really get my bike licence" i've booked in for my L's. I've never in my life ridden a motorbike, but i go down hill mountain biking fairly often, and have been doing track work in my WRX for a little while now.

    After taking everyones advice and sitting on a whole bunch of bikes in stores and asking lots of questions, i have my heart set on a cruiser.
    I like the Suzuki vl250 intruder, the yamaha xvs 250, and the honda v25 custom.

    Now from what i can gather, everyone pretty much feels that after a while a 250 cruiser will feel somewhat 'lacking' and will want to get something bigger?

    Being in NSW, i know my options arent as limited, and have been recommended by a friend the xvs 650, for the main reason that i wont be wanting to replace it nearly as soon.

    My major question is, what does everyone think of this as a learner's bike?
    Im only a small bloke, 170cm, and 65 kg, and the 650 is up over the 200kg mark, and a fair bit bigger in wheelbase than the 250 cruisers.

    I definitly like the look of it, and it feels pretty comfortable to sit on, but i havent test ridden anything yet, (no L's yet remember:).
    Id be quite happy to buy one, but i just dont know if this is a silly idea or not?

    I plan on doing big rides on the weekends up and through the mountains for example, and sometimes travelling to work which is 50k each way.

    What does everyone think?

    thanks alot guys and girls, sorry again for the big first post. Please dont be shy. im thankful for everyone's opinion, as you all have far more experience in this than me :)
  2. Welcome fellow cruiser, LAMS definitely has the advantage for cruiser riders, it will save you allot of $, go the xvs650 without hesitation over any 250 cruiser; you will need the extra grunt for highway work.

    Pushing around a supermarket trolley is much harder than a 300kg cruiser as they have their weight down low.

    Cruiser seat heights are also low & I have seen plenty of petite women commandeer some big arse hogs and they look confident (& dead sexy) doing it.

    The xvs650 is well backed by Yamaha with plenty of extras to purchase if you want to tour.
  3. Why not wait until you have your L's, then you can go and test ride a range of bikes? You could then pick whichever one feels best for you.

    I really don't think that you can go wrong with any of the LAM's cruisers, even taking into consideration your physical size. I am of same dimensions and weight, and you will have no trouble.
  4. thanks a lot guys for the reply's.
    Good to know that i shouldnt have too much trouble on a bigger bike, thats pretty much what id been told by other friend too.
    'if its on the LAMS list, you shouldnt have any hassles'.

    Yeah i do plan on waiting till after my l's and taking it for a test ride, im just impatient is all :)

    Want my licence and my bike now! i really cant wait.

    hehe, well thanks again everyone. Hope to see you all on one of the friday night 'coffee rides', soon.