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Learning on trials

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by josh_1988, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. hey im pretty new to the fourms and im lookin at gettin a road bike, my dad is helpin me out a bit and for the past year and a bit he brought me a trials bike to ride on for a bit of practise, heard of lots of good riders always riding trails to hone their skills and just wondering if anyone else on here rides trials? i have a sherco 250 if anyone is interested

  2. That's a great way to learn to throw a bike around, although it won't give you a lot of practical experience for road riding.

    Who cares, though, it's great fun!


    Trevor G

    PS Are you doing proper trials-type riding, or just muck around?
  3. oh yeh, thrown that thing around ALOT within the first 4 months of ridin i broke alot on that bike, but its good because with all the crashes i had on it all where low speed so just from that ive already laid a motorbike down, fliped it, stuck open throttles lol and that willl help a bit, in the l's course the trainer said i had great slow speed balance from ridin trails and good use and confidence with the brakes and stuff, i wasnt never gettin on the first road bike at all.

    no i just muck around with my old man theres no where to ride proper trials around my area... think wollongong might be closest
  4. you keep talking about trials and trails - is this a spelling mistake or are you riding a trials bike on a trail?

    As said earlier, a trials background ain't going to be much use for the road. Learning to control a bike on a dirt road (trail) on the other hand does have its benefits.
  5. no sorry tralis is just spelling error im using a mates comp and he has a sus keyboard

    yeh i kinda figured that all my road riding will come from actual road riding just thought i would see if anyone here would recognise trials riding
  6. Dude, if you can learn to ride trials, and get yourself some game, you'll be a motorcycling ninja. DO IT! I'd love to get a little trials bike and join a club.
  7. i used to ride trials. had to sell my beta because i wanted a new stunt bike.
    but now that my funds are stable again, i'm looking at getting another bike.
  8. i am looking for a trial bike that can be trailed while i am trailing the trail bike with my trial car on a trial day to the trail track
  9. those last two posts gave me an idea to sell it to help fund my road riding but i think i got some more riding to do on it, its sherco 250 yr2000 by the way

    hahaha motorcycling ninja... mabey i could get a batman leather outfit and flyaround town at night on it :p
  10. Trials teaches you control. I ride a TL125. It does help you on the road. You think the Superbike riders and GP riders learnt to live with slide by never going offroad?
  11. Trials won't help much at all with road riding or even trail riding (except really tricky single track stuff). Totally different disciplines in their own right. They can actually have the reverse effect of making you overconfident if and when you step over to a bigger bike.
    They can be a load of fun though.

  12. i dont get it... i hear of alot of pro bike racers honing their skills and diciplines for riding on trials bikes?? so it cant do to much damage???
  13. It will help a good deal with your slow riding and balance.

    I've had a go at trials a bit recently. Kept forgetting there's no seat!