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Learning on a Spada

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by gre03, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    I've always had heaps of questions about motorbikes and netrider's always been the best resource, so i finally decided to join and delve even deeper into the unknown and awesome.

    I've been interested in bikes for a while (3+ years) initially starting off with push bikes and servicing/maintaining them. I thought the only next logical step is motorized bikes under the assumption that it can't be that different to a pushie.

    So i bought an '89 Honda Spada off Ebay for $730 which didn't run. The previous owner had initially bought it as a project bike but due to circumstances it had to go. He said it ran fine until he heard a noise come from the headers and into the shed it went. When i picked it up of course the battery was dead but my mate and I couldn't even roll start it, which was worrying. Much to his dismay i got it thinking it'll need a new battery and some tlc to free up any stuck parts.

    Well so far we've serviced the starter motor and fixed/flipped the fuel tap and it still won't go. I'll post more info if anyone wants it, but for the past couple of weeks it been sitting in the workshop (bicycle) longing for a more knowledgeable person to come along and bring it back to life.

    I might post in another sub-forum but the next thing on the list is to arrange transport and take it to a mechanic (preferably local to me to start a good rapport with)

  2. Hey Andrew
    the spada is a great bike but unfortunately it might cost more than its worth to get it in running condition by a mechanic
    I suggest you keep tinkering or get some one to look at it before you spend more money
  3. Yeh yeh spadA is gr8 m8

    Regards milkmun (Ryan)
  4. Checking for spark and fuel is always a good start. Try to start it again then pull a spark plug out, is it damp with fuel? Then crank it over with the plug in the end of the plug lead and held against the motor to earth it, does it spark? Check out youtube for guides on how to do these sorta checks.
    No spark? Electrical issue you start tracking back through the wiring.
    No fuel? Carby or fuel supply problem.

    My wild guess at the problem would be carby bowls and jets blocked with crud meaning no fuel into the motor. Happens quite a bit with older bikes.

    This is the first thing the mechanic will have to do, if you can do it you will save time and cash and maybe get it sorted easily(y)
  5. well the main problem is the starter won't engage, it just spins. i'm very tempted to take the crankcase off and see if its actually meshing but i'll need new gaskets then. once i have the starter going then i can narrow it down to electrical or other problems.

    the seller said he cleaned the tank and carbs and rebuild the fork seals.
  6. Starter not engaging can sometimes be as simple as battery charge. Did you replace the battery in the end?

    Welcome by the way. :)
  7. Thanks for the welcome. I got a new battery first but that didn't help. I just tried to take the crankcase cover off but it wouldn't budge. I found that I can see the starter idle gear through the oil filler cap hole. So the starter engages fine but I suppose its the starter clutch. This is way past my experience level.
  8. we tried push starting it a while ago and it just hopped. i couldn't tell you specifics because i was the one pushing and a mate was on the bike.
    like SL100 said it might be the carbys clogged or something, but thats 2nd on the list, 1st is getting the bugger started
  9. If i were to take it to a mechanic how much would it roughly cost? of course i'm not exactly sure whats wrong but it sounds like the starter clutch and general gunk build-up. I'd hope to pay no more than $300 if i ask them to get it running without fluids/filters etc (which i can do myself).

    However if anyone is willing to take a look they'd be handsomely rewarded for getting it running.
  10. I might be able to come and have a look next week, I can't promise anything though.
  11. Does the back wheel rotate at all? In sixth gear?
    It may be seized, depending how long it's been sitting. If so, a 50 50 mix of wd40 and engine oil down the barrels for a week or so should get it to start moving again, but it'll take persuading. If the engine can rotate, your issue is either air, fuel, spark or compession. I'd start with giving the carbs a good soaking in degreaser.
  12. Sure, the bikes currently in richmond, let me know when you're free.

    well it rolls and almost roll starts. i might go over the carbs today
  13. Welcome to NR.. looking forward to hearing how you get on with the bike.
  14. Well I've tee'd up bike transport to a local mechanic. i'm not even sure he can fix it/how much it'll cost.
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  15. They are simple machines, they will get it sorted out.
  16. well took it to the mechanic and he agreed it was the starter clutch. he took off the crankcase cover and we found out the starter clutch had been tampered with. All bolts were loose and someone had tried to force in the wrong length bolts, not to mention the springs were all broken.

    He put in a 2nd hand clutch from another motor he had and it cranked first time, but didn't fire. It with him now until he can find out why its not sparking.
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  17. it also had 4 litres of oil in it. the mechanic wasn't sure what type either.
    not a good sign.
  18. well its fixed, apparently.

    just got a call from the mechanic and started it while on the phone (can't wait to hear it in person). he said the plugs were fouled and it might need new oil/filter soon.

    it'll cost $450 in total for a new starter clutch, plugs and ignition coils. does that sound about right?

    now in need to figure out how to get it back home safely without a license or gear, might just walk it the 3kms.
  19. well i got it back home after a terrifying walk/ride with no gear. taking only backstreets of course

    had almost no fuel so couldn't do much with it. might post some pics tomorrow

    turned out the guy who destroyed the starter clutch also bent the pickups so they were too far away to get juice.