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Learning guitar

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mik84, May 21, 2006.

  1. Well my guitars still sitting here with a broken string since the last time i attempted to start learning.. :oops: I just got the Kerrang remastered 20th aniversery trbute to master of puppets which reminded me just how much i wanna learn to play the damn thing.

    I know theres a few musicians on here and im after a little bit of advice. Im wondering if anyone can reccomend me any particular good books/cds/dvds to use that would help to learn from scratch??...

    Cheers peoples :)

  2. i been playing the drums for 11 odd yrs :grin: never really been any good at guitar but have mastered the g-string occassionally :p :LOL:

    we could get together for a jam sometime. if ya like, i dun mind metallica, altrhough im more into punk, hardcore, funk, reggae, dub, but i love me 80's skate thrash metal like suicidal tendances and anthrax :grin:
  3. maybe some of metallica's old classics like 1 or fade to black, might be a little easier for ya to learn :)
  4. Yeah id be wrapped if i could play anything like that, even a bit of cat stevens would be good for a start...

    I just dunno where to start though really.Obviously lessons would be ideal but amongst work, kickboxing and gettin to the gym i dont really have time for anything formal...
  5. if u can read music that would be a fantastic start :grin: it pretty much gets easier from there, just learning the basics of the guitar after that and ur pretty much flying :grin:
  6. Mik84: hey man, I just started up playing guitar again too. Had played for 12 years then stopped for 3 years or so. My advice would be to keep it interesting, find out the songs you want to play and start from there. try places like xguitar.com/guitar-tabs/ or tabcrawler.com. I play jazz and light rock so i can't give you specifics for learning metal.

    if you want to build on the theory and improvisation side of things, there is an abundance of sources through amazon.com (just type in something like "learn guitar, metal guitar, guitar theory guitar tab, etc...). I recommend using amazon for ordering music/tab books. I just purchased a book and a cd from amazon for the same price if not less than it would be to get the book here at a local music store.

    alot of the start from scratch books are very mickey mouse and it takes a while to learn how to read music. you can thrash out some wikid licks :cool: just with tab and playing along a favourite cd. if you've got the patience, learning to play by ear helps with improvising, but takes time to develop...a long time.

    and remember, getting good at playing takes some time and practice. so if your learning by yourself, be careful in the music u choose to take on.
  7. Grab the Nirvana Unplugged CD and Tab book, set aside a long weekend and three slabs of beer.

    Start off learning your basic chords (opens and bar) then you can pretty much grab and tab and play the rythym section.
  8. Metallica's an awesome band to learn to. I started playing to their music when I was 13 and still am 10 years later.

    1 and Fade to Black are simple songs and I can play almost every one of there songs too. I learnt all their stuff by ear, screw lookin at Music Scripture, even tho I do wanna learn TAB, coz it would help me to get better.

    But yeah, go metallica coz they're not tryhards like megadeath! :p :LOL:
  9. I'd try to fit some lessons in there somewhere. It'll stop you from acquiring any bad habits, and often help you pick techniques up so much quicker.

    Otherwise find a series of fingering exercises and as bloody boring as it is - rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat... I've got a Guitar World release which has many of Steve Vai and Kirk Hammetts exercises - I'll see if I can them online.