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Learning emergency stop on a new bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rabbit, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. I haven't tried an emergency stop yet and don't think I'll feel safe til I have.

    Any tips for learning/practicing?

    I haven't done one in quite a few years (been bikeless)

    On the trail, if I had to stop in a hurry (tree across track, for example) I tended to panic and lock it up, stacking before the obstacle.

  2. Weren't you listening when you got your Ls? You do have L's?

    No L's ok. Set up and squeeze.
  3. I know what needs to be done to execute the stop. (did my Ls about 5 years ago but hadn't really ridden on the road since)

    I just wanted some tips on how not to stack when practising, and what to expect a road bike to do movement & weight wise (as opposed to a trail bike which has a light front end)
  4. If you're real worried, set up a time with me, or somebody closer to you, to do some exercises in a carpark.
  5. Yeah.. Its not just about braking when you see the obstacle.

    Its the looking for possible obstacles or being ready to brake, forseeing it, eg. approaching an intersection or busy area, or blind space, traffic light, etc. so you set up by hand of brake. And squeeze the front brake slightly to get the front end to compress so that its ready to brake.

    As to how to practice it, go around thinking about what you are seeing, what it might do, and what you can do in preparation in case the car does pull out, the light does go green, there is something behind that truck about to run across the road, etc. etc.

    Have a line where you want to stop by (in a deserted area), and start from a longer way off, and gradually decrease the distance you have to stop by. From 30kmh you should be able to come to a stop in a bike length from when you start braking - on my zzr that is, before replacing rear pads (fronts still not done) and before bleeding.

    I've started practicing them recently, mainly just at traffic lights (obviously checking around me first)... that said not the best place to start learning them due to the greasey goodness near lights.

  6. if the front wheel locks release the brake and re-apply in a smooth motion.....but yeah practice practice practice......there are a couple of industral estates in rowville, which are empty on the weekends which make for great practice areas

    cheers stewy
  7. I find the best method is to just keep braking harder and harder until you find the limit of braking force before the wheel locks. Once you find it, keep practising getting as close to the limit as possible without letting the front wheel lock.

    You'll probably do it automatically, but remember to release and re-apply the brake as soon as you feel it slip. I found it was instinct to let it out when the front wheel skipped.

    Practise in the wet too. It's a little scarier, but just be smooth and you'll be fine. You might be pleasantly surprised at how well you can stop in the wet if you have to. :)
  8. +1 about the wet, i did my qride in the rain, so i know how fast you can stop.

    Also the difference between trail and road is that on the road you have even and more grip to deal with, dirt can be a problem sometimes.
  9. Thanks for the tips - will try and have a carpark session ASAP.
  10. More fun when the back locks :p . Will also prepare you for some god awful downshifts and a resulting compression lock up. Not that ive ever done that :-w
  11. haha yeah sure... i had a compression lockup the other day coming into an intersection dfast.... went down 1 to many gears as i was pulling up and :( didn't fall off though which is what counts :D
  12. I actually did some practice last night - didn't manage to lock up the back, so I guess I wasn't trying hard enough :grin:

    Have had a compression lockup before, but was only in 1st gear. (I changing down to first gear)
  13. do the HART intermediate course. could be the best $200 you spend
  14. HART course huh? i'll check it out thanks
  15. its not jus about stopping

    Yes of course comming to a safe stop is one thing that you need to practise, but also being able to get away from the possiblity of a vehcile rear ending you. So checking mirror ionce stopped mat verywell benefit you.
    I practised in the uni near where I live, and it wasn't just to stop but to get away if I needed to. I still think about the set up when I am riding.

    As for the compression lock up, should you even be letting the clutch out when emergency braking?

    The next thing to practise, is not comming to an exact stop but learning to gear down quickly and take of when needed regardless of what gear you are in. Something I really do need some practise at! Compression lock up are a real BUGGAR!
  16. Practice makes perfect. If not an advanced rider course, ask someone near you to mentor you.
    The main thing is to stay calm and in control of the bike as much as you are physically able to. I learnt in an advanced driving (car) course, that you can maintain more effective control of your vehicle if you do not lock your wheels during an emergency stop. This is why ABS braking systems were introduced, because during heavy braking people tend to lock the wheels and this leads to uncontrollable skidding in inexperienced hands. I do not know of ABS systems on bikes, as i tend to ride older bikes, but you should practice braking in a lock-release-lock-release-lock-release manner until you have it down pat. Choose a line you think would be the safest direction to carry out the emergency stop and aim for it in as straight a line as possible. This helps with avoiding sudden turns that can lead to spills.
  17. hey
    if you lock that's bad. to lock it is ez, roll to 80 km/h, disengage clutch, press rear as hard as you can. it will swipe to the left, then release, make sure you have control before trying :grin: