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learning days at the track + leathers

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by emsie, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    i'm dead keen at some stage to get to something like a roadcraft+ advanced (or cornering) and you never know, track days after that :) The bit I'm concerned about is the leathers. I know for most actual track days you have to have leathers (full suit, preferably one-piece) but full leathers just aren't an option for me at the moment price-wise or .. well, for the love of humanity-wise :)

    For stuff like the advanced cornering or advanced riding, not necessarily actually going fast, do you still need full leathers?

    I'd love to get my riding up to scratch but I just don't want to have to buy leathers to do it :( Anyone been on anything offered in SA/Adelaide to be able to tell me either way what you do and don't need leathers for?

  2. Not sure what it is like at the tracks in SA but you can hire full leathers at the tracks days in NSW for about $50 for the day...
  3. what kind of leathers are they?
  4. As Haggismaen said: you can hire leathers at the track, usually. Have a look around - you might find a cheap deal on some second-hand leathers.
  5. Definately if for just one day hire em....but u will feel much safer on the course if properly protected as yes u will be taking corners at some decent speed prob nothing like u have been used to on the road.

    Advanced cornering courses are fast corners knee on the ground 120kph + stuff.

    You prob want a intermediate course if looking for more road and cornering advise
  6. Last I saw...there were some leathers at garage motorcycles (same people putting on the roadcraft schools?) going for $200-300. Was with a mate last night that got his there for $250. Probably far out of your way at strathalban, but worth a look for that price?

    could also try crack converters...you may find a good 2nd hand set there - get to try them on and have 24-48hrs to return them.