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Learning cornering and slow stuff

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by huzey, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Ok, I've been out in traffic and stuff, hillstarts, that's all fine and i feel comfortable.

    It's the slow stuff I suck at, particulary U turns and turning directly right at 90 degrees from a stop.

    So. If anyone has any cornering tips...please let me know :D

    Cheers, rhys.

  2. Do a search, you'll get your tips....practice practice practice. The old chestnut springs to mind - look where you want to go and you'll go there.
  3. It's always harder to ride slow than to ride fast. Especially so if you're just starting out on a 4-cylinder like the CBR.

    As Ezyryder said, look where you want to go. For the slow stuff you want to be using your back brake to control your speed rather than the throttle. Also helps to keep the clutch at 'friction' point and the revs at a fast idle.

    It's good to start getting the hang of it now, because you'll need it for your Ps test.
  4. I'm exactly the same mate, picked up a CBR on thursday, done maybe 100k's since, and picked up riding at speed/in stop start traffic/hill starting pretty quickly but buggered if I can do a u-turn in any reasonable amount of space, tight roundabouts and straight up 90degree turns get me to.
  5. U turns require you to really turn your head sharp in the direction you want to go, the tighter the U turn, the more you need to turn your head and look to where you actually want the bike to go.
    Practice makes perfect, do a couple of practice sessions in a carpark and in no time you will be doing U-es like an expert.
    another thing to remember is... do not look down at the ground, keep your focus ahead on where you want to go, not at gauges or the ground or you will be distracted and balance is often compromised in this situation. The bike will go where ever you are looking.(target fixation)
  6. Also for VERY slow speed manourvering you lean the bike into the corner, while you lean away from the corner. It means the bike will have a tighter turning circle while your weight counteracts it and keeps you and the bike up right.