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Learners. What next?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by 7Kawasaki, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just got my learners permit yesterday...finally...Just wondering what most learners did next? Practice in the back streets?

    I live in a busy road (St Kilda Rd, Melbourne - Grand Prix this weekend too....) and its hard for me to find empty streets except really late / early in the mornings. I haven't been out yet... I have just been familiarizing myself with my ninja 250 in my carpark lol.

    Also....anyone know any Aus websites that I can purchase bike accessories / parts? Since I'll be having my ninja for 3 years now with the new law changes, thought I would personalise it more :)

    Note - Do VIC coppers say much in regards to tinted visors?

    Thanks guys :)
  2. I rode around the side streets, and expanded / took different paths until I had the basic controls "ok" and the confidence up a little.
    Now I'm commuting to work. Started off nervous every time I got onto the thing (but fine once I got going), now it doesn't phase me much and I'm enjoying it more.

    It's a bit more difficult if you don't have any quiet places to ride, maybe just do early / late rides until you feel comfortable with traffic?

    I've heard of people getting tickets for essentially wearing no helmet for wearing a non AS1609 (might have the wrong number) standard visor on their helmet.
    I have a Transitions visor for my helmet, but figure I'll wait until I'm off my L's to start using it. Not sure how learners go with demerits etc. and don't want to lose license.
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  4. They also have a learner friendly ride after the Saturday practice sessions, which would be good for you to get some experience. You're with a heap of other riders, you'll get hints and tips and you get to ride.
  5. Hey thanks guys...I am aware of the Saturday practice sessions, just not confident to even get on the road just yet lol.
  6. If you ask really nicely, someone who lives in the area might just swing by and pick you up on their way through... That's how some people have done it in the past.

    We all have to start somewhere.
  7. I recently got my learners and started riding around 7 Feb I'm lucky I live in a quiet street what I did though to familiarise myself with riding around the roads is that I just road on the back streets on a Sat/Sun morning about 6:30am and I'm glad I did as I realised if I was out in traffic I would have been a danger to myself and to others, after I got home I went over my ride and thought about what I struggled with and how I could of done things better then then I looked those issues up on Youtube or asked for help on here.

    I also got on Google maps and looked at Satellite view so I could source out locations that may be quiet and good to practice such as industrial areas and carparks around my area you will be amazed at what areas you dont know exist around your way.

    You have to realise you are a learner and what problems you have everyone else is had as well so you can always find a solution plus the guys on this forum are really great in helping.

    If you look up my posts you can see my learner threads on here asking about different things :)

    Good luck with your riding.
  8. Welcome aboard :] congrats on the L's & ask around for an escort to Saturday practice :]
  9. Well done!
  10. If you can find a way to get to the practice session tomorrow, it would help a lot. I went the second day after getting my bike and it really helped me with the skills to start practicing by myself. I got an escort in from Brooklyn so it was a bit of a longer ride but in quieter traffic, but it went pretty well.

    If you're keen to try, post in the thread - I'm sure you'll get plenty of offers as a lot of people will probably be coming right past there.
  11. Hi mate, the day I got my L's (roughly 2 -3 months ago) I did a short familiarise yourself ride then travelled a short 60ks that night, my advice, try and get out of the city during the slow times and get your tires warmed up, it's the best thing you could do, being nervous will only make you more careful and aware, stay safe and enjoy your wheels mate :)
  13. Welcome to the forum 7Kawasaki7Kawasaki & congrats on getting your L's
  14. Yeah same boat as you, very busy street in my case as well. There are some quiet streets not too far away, but getting out was the challenge...

    I actually ended up just going late at night for the first few rides as you mentioned -there's an industrial area not too far away, so pretty much all I did every night for the first week was ride out there and practice clutch control and low speed riding/turns. I'm sure an empty car park would've worked as well.
    I think the low speed control is what'll give you the confidence to get out there in traffic, it's the hardest part when starting out.
  15. Its a huge step getting your "L"s but so much fun.
    I live in the city centre of Sydney and just rode up and down the laneways. U turns , quick stops etc etc.
    Then around the block after work a few times. Just feeling the bike under you at low speed is good. See how slow you can ride. Thats a good one also.
    have fun
  16. Howdy and welcome to the wonderful world of motorcycling.
    I'd be happy to swing by and get you if you're keen on going to Saturday practice one of these weeks, as I have to go through the city anyway.

    As pretty much everyone else here has said, it's not a bad idea to just practice all the slow stuff as well as starting and stopping and taking off without stalling too much ;)
    That way you won't have to stress too much about it when you also have a car or two around you. But stick to quiet streets for now, even if it's only up and down the same one a few hundred times.
  17. Hey guys,

    Thank you all so much for the encouragement and input. Very excited to finally be able to ride. Unfortunately I worked this morning so was not able to organise to go for the practice.

    I do have next weekend off though so if weather stays put I might take you up on that offer ExportswedeExportswede :)

    For now I guess I will practice early mornings / late at night on my lane way. (Grand Prix road blocks and slopes dont help lol).

    Straight lines are not a problem. Its the turning / cornering I want to practice on which makes it difficult but nevertheless I shall do my best :)
  18. Hi there, I recently started riding and to give myself a chance got up early Saturday and Sunday morning and hit tram tracks, left and right hand turns, lights, with very little traffic. Then I started a short commute, Brunswick to Carlton, which exposed me to peak hour. After three weeks I am comfortable on the freeway, and though it it scary, it is also surprisingly straight forward. I've only had to stop abruptly once when someone pulled out in front of me, but I know I can do it. My advice - do what you're ready to do, but don't delay because you're nervous. You have to do it sometime, and once you have a modicum of throttle control, you'll be fine. The improvement is rapid, and immensely satisfying. Congratulations and enjoy!
  19. Just realised how old this thread is - you'll be all over it by now!
  20. Hi 7Kawasaki,
    So how are you going ?
    Have you found a nice little practise route to get used to the bike yet ?
    Or are you now roaring around the city and St Kilda at will ?

    I hope things are progressing for you.