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Learners training & Test Melbourne

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Umi, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just booked in for the learner's training + test course @ motorcycle motion in Moorabbin for this weekend coming (27/28) and the final stage next weekend (4th feb) and was looking for any advice on completing it all successfully.
    I hadn't actually planned on booking in for this so soon, as have only been researching the last month or so (on getting a scooter that is) but when i called up to investigate prices and course availabilities, they said they could start me this weekend. Which i wasn't too keen on (bit soon) but then after talking to my bf he said why not and so i called back and booked it. :shock:

    So...... i suppose my main concern is the written test and how much you should study, and if there are extra Q's that surprised anyone or that i should be prepared for. My bf has some advice, but since he's had his licence quite a few years now, i just want to make sure that i'm as up to date as possible :?

    Anyway, I'd be glad for any advice anyone has on this topic......

    Not really nervous yet but i'm sure i will be :shock: :eek: :?

  2. Read the rider handbook a week before and then do a skim the night before. I did mine at HART annd the instructors were good with the written test, so, listen to your instructors. Is this your first licence, that is, ar you doing both the bike written and the road rules written tests.
    Good Luck.
  3. Hey umi,

    Just recently completed my two day learners course at HART (20th / 21st of Jan), the written test consists of 32 multiple answer questions (there are only 3 choices for all questions) and your allowed to get up to six questions wrong on the test before they fail you. Easiest thing you can do is to read through 2006 Victorian Rider handbook a couple of times and worry more about the content rather than the practice questions. Out of the 12 people which sat the course on the weekend i think only 1 person failed the written test and that was because he didn't read the handbook. I found there were a lot of questions on rider positioning, however there are multiple tests so it could have just have been my specific test.

    Personally i read through the book around 3 times and stuffed up 3 questions for a 29/32.

    If there is anything I've missed let me know and I'll try and reply!
  4. Thanks for the advice so far :grin:

    Mithel- it's not my first licence, i've been on my full car licence for 3years now, so haven't done a licence test since i got my p's when i was 18, bout 6 years ago now.....

    Maverick 132 - you covered all that pretty well, thanks :grin: i don't think i have much to worry about with the written test......just hope i can ride :? have only been a pillion so far on an '04 R1, and that's only been for the last 18mnths

    Doit - thanks for that link, definitely very helpful! :grin:
  5. The trickiest bit I found with the written test is the wording of some of the questions. Read them carefully and ask the instructor to clarify, re-word etc. The HART guys were really good with that.

    As others have said, read the content rather than do the practice questions. You shouldn't have too many probs.

    Umi = Sea?
  6. HART was awesome... they revealed at least 10 answers during the learners permit. the written test is way different from the practise questions in the book. most of the questions are more focussed on skills and maintanance. just listen to the instructors as they do say "remember this because this will be on your test...now you have 27 questions to learn...etc" they dont seem to lie! :LOL:
  7. thanks for those posts tluong & im.on.it

    HART don't need much advertising with you guys around :grin:
    unfortunately, i don't want to travel to the other side of town when there's a place down the road from me

    im.on.it- good point about question wording. This is definitely something i tend to double check before answering.
    As for Umi= sea, not sure of that, maybe in another language. In my case it's actually short for Arumi, which is balinese. I chose it for my user name cos when i joined here, my very first post was asking in regards to a gift for my bf and didn't want to use something he'd recognise me by just in case
  8. I found that a lot of the questions on the test all the answers could have been correct to a degree, they will only take the answer that is 100% correct not 95% correct etc. Some questions are plain black and white though.

    Really pays to read and understand the book well, all aspects of the book not just the ones you think are only relevant to learner riders.

    The riding test was not really that hard, they teach you all you need to know and you get to practice it quite a bit. Hardest part was keeping the nerves under control!

    Good luck. :)
  9. I remember that thread. So how did he like his new boots? Do they say "come hither..."?

    Yeah hard to justify travelling to the other side of town to do a test... unless of course you had your permit/licence and a bike :grin:
  10. Actually no they don't. I did my L's there and they said that they no longer gave the 10% discount.

    But i would definately reccomend them... instruction was A1 and covered a LOT of extra things not on the test at all but really helpfull once out on the road.
  11. I did my learner course at HART just before xmas, it was pretty easy and straight forward.

    One thing I remember though, don't forget signal your indicator before you make a turn! Seems obvious but I almost forgot it when I did test. :shock:
  12. They are still in the partners discounts section, I asked Mel who owns Ridetek about a month ago and he said he still offers 10%, but he doesn't offer the special price that was advertised on netrider last year, which I think was 20% off.
  13. When i checked, the NR list mentioned 10%. I asked on the phone and was told that they do not offer the NR 10% any more but if i paid in advance i could still get it.

    If things have changed then all well and good but i was told up front that the 10% discount for NR members was not happening anymore.
  14. Umi, did my L tests with them in Nov 05 and my P tests in Feb 06.

    Great bunch of guys there. I fronted up with zero two wheel experience and got through (I did need one additional 'private lesson' - no, they weren't pushing everyone to this; just me :( )

    I've been scoot commuting ever since!

    PM me for contact if you want to discuss more

  15. Thanks everyone!! All the feedback has been really great. Feeling pretty ok about it, so hopefully the learning part goes ok and i don't get too nervous before the riding test.

    Technik- yes have to remember the little things :grin:

    Jamie- thanks for that advice, have read through the book cover to cover, so will go over it a few times before the theory day and hopefully don't forget anything :?
  16. I actually didn't end up getting him boots...... the bike's being sold in the next couple of months, so agreed that there wasn't much point.
    So if you know anyone interested in an '04 R1..... :grin: :grin:

    His mate gave him an old pair of boots that fit alright and go much better with his suit than work boots.....
  17. Hi Umi,

    I just did my Learners at Motorcycle motion about 10 days ago .. ( stage 2 & 3 only ) .. During the theory lesson, the guys do give you good explanations of the questions, and also provide prolly 4 - 5 answers for you.

    During the riding test they told us NO ONE had ever failed it .. I was nevous all the same, but was no need to be .. I can believe 100% pass. We had one "older" guy in the class "60ish", he had a hard time during the lessons & practice, but he also passed.. When your doing most of the cornerning stuff, the testers stand about 20mtrs away, and pretty much just "guess" that you got it right :)

    Just relax and you will breeze through it!!

  18. Ok call me a do-gooder or such BUT.....
    How good is this comment for bike crashes?
    No matter how shit a rider, you'll pass!!
    Why bother having a test if you are gonna pass? just give everyone a licence and make motorcycling crashes go through the roof.

    nobody likes to fail anything, but that is stupid!!

  19. Hi Rev,

    I agree .. but was just passing on a story of how things work .. I never said it was good, bad or otherwise. Was def a few people in the class who should not be on the road.

    Then again, we are adults, so just since you have your L's, doesn't mean you should be an irresponsible git (although some will, and prolly end up a statistic), and go out and do the GOR .. Having your L's means you can legally practice in your local supermarket carpark, or putt putt up and down your own street. Hopefully self preservation comes into it somewhere!

    Can't you get your car L's just doing a written test?? ie. no actual driving? ( I know u have someone with you in a car). But the learner is still 95% control of the car. Mum pulling on the handbrake not really going to help if lil Johnny is going sideways into a tree! (I know some holes can be punched into the argument, but just throwing it up their as an example)