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Learners to P Plater

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by BENTEN, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Hi people,

    just wanted to ask as i am unsure i will be on my Learners for 3 months then i go for my P Plates. Now my question is when i become a P Plater what bikes am i restricted to? will i be able to ride a 650cc with out LAMS restriction or can i go even higher??

    Thanks in advanced
  2. As a P Plater you are still a learner therefore must use a LAMS approved bike. You have increased speed limits but the bike is unchanged until you get a full licence.

    Cheers Spocky
  3. thanks spocky
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    Not meaning to step on anybody's toes, but when I did my p's course, the instructor told us that we're only under restrictions for one year: meaning that one year from the date of gaining your P's, you can ride a litre bike, with a pillion, towing a trailer, if you so wished. The only restrictions that remain for the duration of the p plates is having a BAC of 0 and displaying p plates.



    "When you first get your motorcycle licence the following restrictions and conditions apply for 12 months from the date of issue:
    • only ride a learner approved motorcycle (view list of approved motorcycles for novice riders)
    • must not carry a pillion passenger (a motorcycle and a sidecar with a passenger is acceptable)."

      I'm assuming that licence means P's? Or does the 12 months start from the date of your L's?
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    You must hold your learners for a minimum of 3 months, and it expires after 18 months. For the learner period and for the first year of your licence the following apply:
    @ LAMS bike
    @ zero alcohol
    @ no pillion
    After 12 months from your licence these restrictions do not apply. There is no speed restriction on learners or new licence riders in Vic. Plates you show (L or P) will depend on what you display on your driver's licence. Remember you have one licence, whatever you do in your car or on your bike (lose points etc) will affect this one licence. See Vicroads website

  6. Until you get your full licence you will be restricted to posting in lame lams threads.
    Might be a good thing.
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  7. Wait I'm confused, do you lose restrictions once you have been on your P's for a year, or your combined time of l's and P's?

    And I didn't think L Platers bikes had speed restrictions in Victoria? Oops, if that was the case I'm lucky I didn't get pinged many times!

  8. No speed restrictions in Victoria for L or P platers (other than the normal limits =P).

    You lose your lams and pillion restrictions one year from the date you get your P's.

    0 BAC remains for the duration of your P plates.
  9. For one year after you get off your learners you have your "restrictions".

    The p plate doesn't really mean much- if you have an open car license you don't have to display one, but you're still restricted for 1 year after you get off your motorbike ls.

    I'm off my restrictions in October, but need to display p plates until November... so if you're on your ps, get your open car license before your motorbike restrictions are over, you still are on restrictions until one year has passed.
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  10. You just learnt your first important lesson! Don't expect accurate advice here. Ask the people who are in control of these things.
  11. That 12 months after the "Ls" was a long 12 months. I can jump on anything now..... Yippee!!!
  12. Doesn't make sense that a person on their full car license with no bike experience can get a motorcycle learners permit, not ride the whole 3 months that they are required to have it then come back and take the test for full license and not have to display P-plates.
  13. They're still on restrictions regardless... go take it up with vicroads if it bothers you :)
  14. And they still have to pass the test, don't they?