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Learners test booked, but I still need some tips & help.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Wulfr, Mar 11, 2009.


    Hey all,

    Finally, I've booked my L's test for this Friday (8:15am - 5:00pm) Sandown park.

    I'm a little nervous, as I'm unsure of what to expect.
    I've got a Few questions if you could all help me out:

    I've Self taught myself to ride my bike, ZZR250, I've ridden for the past month around my court and street. (Will be using their bike though)

    I seem to be changing to the second gear when I hit around 20kmph, and 3rd at around 40kmph, basically changing gears when I hear a certain point in the rev limit; Brrrr Rrrrrrr, Clutch and Shift up... then as I come to a stop, Clutch in, Shift down all the way down to first gear, while applying the breaks, mostly rear break, until I have come to a safe stop, Is this correct?

    The bike moves and all, never stalls or anything....

    Another question: I'm able to do full circles, left and right - Right is alot harder though, I can do it without putting my foot down, on most occasions, any tips?

    No problems with doing full Left cornering, in my court "T" shaped court, any other tips I you can give me to use?

    Always use my indicators, (I have a Full car drivers license now), and trying alot of the time to look in the mirrors on my bike; I've gotten fairly ok with this in the last week or so.

    I've read the Learners handbook and viewed Ridetech's L's test http://ridetek.com.au/learningtesting.htm

    I asked if I should do the $60 2 hr lesson first, but was told if I can get on the bike, start it, roll of, use the clutch, and use the breaks to come to a safe stop, I should be fine and to go for the L's test.

    Question: Am I doing anything wrong guys?
    Should I be worried about hopping on one of their bikes and screwing everything up?

    Thanks all!
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey mate,

    Firstly, dont be nervous. You get all day to practice, then the test only takes approx 20 mins for each person to complete at the end of the day.

    With regards to gear shifting and braking. Shift down gears one by one rather than clutch in, down to first and brake. Also start using the front brake more, as it can account for 100% of braking force in certain situations. Once again dont stress about this one, they will walk you through everything and you'll have plenty of practice.

    Trouble cornering right? Best tip is to look where you want to go and just let the bike do the rest. Do not look at the ground 2 - 3 metres in front.

    $60 2 hour lesson first? Forget it. You'll be so sick of practicing by the time they come around to actually testing you anyway.

    Also, their bikes are the easiest to do the testing on.
  3. Most people will have a preferred turning direction. I prefer right at slow speeds and left at higher speeds. It's all just getting used to it and keeping your head up and looking where you want to go, and of course practice.
    When I did my test I did a ride just before my test and even though I was using bikes that I had used before I did find it put me 'in the zone' more. Though because it was a long lesson (about 2 hours) pre-test I really needed to piss half way through the test and my legs and arse hurt the next day.

    If you know people that are experienced and good riders, try to get out with one before your test to shadow and see if they can give you pointers.
    Or see if someone here is free - remember beer is a currency to.
  4. relax. enjoy yourself. and listen to the testers. you'll get alot more out of the day if you turn up without assumptions. :)
  5. Having just done my learners test on Sunday, I can tell you that as long as you have a basic grasp of riding a bike, you WILL pass.

    The more practice the better, but it is not a hard test to pass

    Cheers, Jarrod
  6. even though the test isn't hard there is a fair bit of stress involved. the 2 hour lesson is useful to get used to the place and relax a bit.
  7. 1) listen to what RedNob said. This info is spot on.
    2) Head Check After everything you do. Get on the bike (HC), take off (HC). Head Check after every thing you do.
    3) dont go in there feeling cocky as you have more experience than the other riders because you will get a false sence of security and fcuk up.\
    4) did i mention heacd check.
    5) after you read this post, do a heack check
  8. Re: Learners test booked, but I still need some tips & h

    You description sounds like you haven't done a very good job of teaching yourself how to do something you don't know how to do.... Hardly surprising. :roll:

    Put the bike away before you teach yourself any bad habits and book yourself in for the lesson. It may sound remarkable, but an experienced instructor who has extensive and expert knowledge regarding riding technique and a proven ability to pass that knowledge on may well be able to teach you somewhat better than you can teach yourself. :wink:

    What's $60 and 2hrs if it stops you getting smeared over the road? You'll not only find it enormously informative, but it's likely you'll also find it to be a lot of fun. Do the smart thing rather than the stupid thing..... Stupid hurts. :)
  9. Hey, there I'm also kinda on the same boat as you.
    I'm attending the pre-learners this Friday and then the learners test next Thursday @ Sandown Park.
    I'll probably see you there this Friday.

    So all the best for your learners and maybe we can cruise together after getting my learners.

    The only experience I've had with bikes is in Vietnam riding scooters and their old bikes don't even have clutches as well, so just gear shift and that's it.
  10. Dude... firstly it's 'BRAKES' not 'BREAKS' but that's just me being a grammar Nazi.

    I taught myself to ride on a ZZR-250 also.

    The test is easy. Most people have issues with right hand circles because the throttle is on that side and as you lean, the natural tendency is to grab that handle harder which obviously results in a slight roll-on of throttle. It's normal but it won't even be a slight issue in the test itself.

    Also, don't even worry about your speed or your gears... you probably won't be out of 2nd gear the whole time. It's all slow and easy. They will tell you all this on the day and the whole course is basically geared in such a way that you will exceed the expectations of the test during the course itself.

    There are a lot of tricks you will eventually learn such as using rear braking for U-Turns, but it's not relevant right now.

    If you can make the bike move, go around a corner, and then stop. Then chances are you will pass.

    Just relax.

    Silly random story from my test day was a guy called Sonny. He could barely speak a word of English. He was doing fine all day except for one point where he whispered to me "ahh... haroo... how do I make nootral?", "Well Sonny", I said, "Just find first gear and move it up until the light goes green on the panel."

    He did this and all was well.

    On the test however he was instructed to ride away from the line and complete a segment of the course but he stalled.

    "That's attempt number one", said the instructor, "Try again, it's ok."

    So he did.

    He stalled again.

    "Attempt number two, have another go."

    So he did, and he stalled.

    "Go again, this is your third try... you can do it."

    But no... alas he stalled.

    The instructor kindly reminded him that "AHEM... You've stalled 3 times, this is now your THIRD attempt (wink wink)"

    Poor Sonny stalled again at which point the instructor said, "Ok Sonny, I'm sorry. Please take your bike over to the shed."

    Sonny then put the bike into gear and solemnly rode it over to the shed without stalling or even running over a fluffy bunny.

    Point is... Sonny could ride, but his nerves got the better of him.

    I know it was a long, stupid, obvious story... but just relax and you'll be fine.

  11. Cheers for all the great reply's guys.

    Taken alot from the above posts.

    I figure if I know enough now, and prove myself I should get my license, otherwise, there's plenty more days to try again, if it's going top happen it will.

    I'm now relaxed =]

    Will be sure to Head check every-time, and relax and just have fun. @Sinner.

    @Euphoriic Good luck with everything mate, hope it all go's well for you. Might see you there sometime tomorrow.

    @Fekkinell too true, appreciate the story, reminds me that I can do it, if not, just take everything slowly and relax, as many have said. Heck it's not the end of the world if I mess up a bit.

    I'll let you guy's know how I go tommrow =], hopefully it's all good news.

    Cheers to all the replies, exactly what I needed to hear.
  12. Shucks .. there were supposed to be 4 pre-learners this morning but only 3 came including me.

    Then 1 of them decided to leave .. don't know the reason.

    It was quite fun and even though it was my first time, I feel alright to do the learners next Thursday :grin:
  13. Re: Learners test booked, but I still need some tips & h

    Riding unlicensed comes to mind...

    So did you pass ? are you legal now ? how did you go ?