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Learners @ Sydney Olympic Park

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ginji, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. There are a fair few learners around Olympic Park, so I figured I'd give a shout out to those that are also on here ;)

    If you want some advice, a bit of a hand, or just a chat, I'm at the Visitors Gateway (the information centre) or out doing tours on a weekend. I have an hours break from 1pm to 2pm typically in which I'm more then happy to help you if you so wish. I'm also happy to help after I've finished my last tour (sometime about 3-4pm).

    I'm pretty easy to spot while I'm out on a tour, I'm the guy leading a group of segways about ;) So give a wave :grin: Otherwise, I'll be wearing a light blue t-shirt with segway related naming schemes and web address on it, or a dark blue jacket with the same sort of stuff... Alternatively, you could pretend to be a possible customer and ask the staff there where the segway guy is.

    Tomorrow I'll be there from 11 to 1 at least, no tours booked, so drop by any time and hope I haven't managed to get some paying customers :p
  2. Cool ,I will come along and ride the segway. :wink:
  3. First thing I thought when I read the OP was "hmm...wonder if we can scheme a ride on a Segway!?" :-k :LOL:

    "Segways do the Nasho"

    What do you think? :rofl:
  4. I can't give everyone from Netrider a free ride on the segways, as much as I'd like to... but if you ask really nicely, maybe :wink:
  5. :eek: Yeah I've seen the segways zipping about when I've been through there on my mountain bike :LOL:

    I'm prolly taking my cousin out to the Olympic Park for her cage license practise. I'll make sure to keep her well away from the learner riders :wink:
  6. the learner riders mostly keep to the car parks, practising low speed stuff. If you want a car park that's a good size for a car to drive around in circles, then 6F (i think it is) is good, provided there isn't a big event on... it's behind the train station, and next to the brick pit. Motorcyclists stay out of that one because it's rough and gravely, but you shouldn't have any problem with the car.
  7. hey dude, i work at SOP! we should definately organise a ride!
  8. hey dude, i work at SOP! we should definately organise a ride!
  9. :grin:

    Thanks heaps for that - was thinking of the car park near the Monster Mountain Bike 4x track as everytime I've ridden up there it's been fairly quiet, but yeah that one sounds good, I'll look it up for sure.
  10. Thats the one we practice in :grin: Its nice and quiet and pretty clean - not too many rocks etc - The other place that could be good is next to the Silverwater Jail, there is a road that heads down to the new estate (River Park or something) which would be good for some cage lessons. Dont forget to teach her to check twice for Motorcycles :wink:

    We'll keep an eye out for you Ginji and say hi.