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Learners riding course CLYDE

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by rxi73d, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. Did my first day course today at Clyde in the morning..

    Great course so far and u learn a few things.

    Cant wait for tomorrow and hopefully walk out of there qualified tog et my L's!

    Steve is a good instructor with some humor!

    Will report back once i get my L's!
  2. Doing mine there 31 Oct/1 Nov, looking forward to it. Glad to hear the instructor is good :)

  3. Jethro was my instructor at Clyde. One of the best guys to learn from.

    They are all pretty good except for one guy in Penrith I think. Some old instructor who verbally abuses his students (from what I have heard).
  4. Passed the course, and got my L's this morning..

    Bring on the riding..

    Cant wait! :grin:
  5. congrats, and yeh ive only heard good things about clyde.
  6. im booked in for mine at Rouse Hill on the 21/22 November...
    would like to get some insight as to what to expect from these courses.

    Also do you have to wear a jacket? Only reason i ask is because i may not have the $500 for the jacket i want by the time im booked in for the course
  7. as long as your skin is covered they are happy, no need for a proper riding jacket. Rouse hill is a nice location, some of the instructors looked good, i had a prick of an instructor for mine though.
  8. I just wore a long sleev shirt.. Mind u it was 33 degrees!
  9. Dont mean to hijack the thread but what was the guys name?