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Learner's questions...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mon_4u2c, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. Could you do a practice course at say 'Stayup Right' then do the P's course straight after using there bike? just wondering how i am going to get my bike from where i am to the riding centre to do my P's - is an 1hr half ride a bit far for a Learner???


    Once you have completed the P's test how long are you then on your P's for?
  2. An hour and a half isnt to long for a learner, what is too long for any rider/driver? Although it all depends on your own ability?
    If you have to break the trip up, break it up... take your time.

    You're on your P1 license for 12months, and then you upgrade to your unlimited license.
  3. I did a couple of day trips on my Ls. Just take as many breaks as you need.
  4. Its not too far if you think you can do it. Take a few breaks, coffee. Maybe do a practice run just so you can get used to longer rides?
  5. no, its not too long for a learner.

    like phiz said, we've done day trips that have taken...many, many hours.

    if the prospect of riding for an hour makes you uncomfortable, perhaps you're not ready for your P's??
  6. Learners

    Hey thanks all

    I am going for my Learners this coming weekend so just finding out how and where i should go for my P's

    By the sounds of it when i am ready for my P's i should be able to ride around that distance

    thanks again

    Mon :grin:
  7. Goodluck :)

    Once you get your L's , just ride as much as you can... ' practice makes pefect '
  8. Re: Learners

    cant you go back to the same place to do your P's as you done your L's?
    and with the P's test they do a practice run through the course before you actually do the test altho there are some places around with the course marked out if your talking about praticing before even booking for your P's a few of the guys in here will know where you can go
  9. If you are in Sydney it should definately not be an hour and a half to get to the centre! There are several HARTs and stay upright places, ring rta to find your closest.
  10. After (at least) three months on your Ls, a one and a half hour ride should be nothing.