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learners question about alcohol and car license

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by OscarA, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. I was talking to a guy at work today about bikes and the fact I'm going for my learners soon and he told me something I still find hard to believe.
    He's under the impression that once you get your bike learners the .00 blood alcohol limit also applies to your full car License.
    The fact I have had my full car license for over 20 years counts for nothing and while I am on a motorbike learners or restricted license I can't drink alcohol and drive a car.
    This sounds crazy to me.
    I understand you need to have a .00 alcohol reading while riding a bike on learners or P's but the car as well.
    Is this for real or is he having a good laugh at me?

    I told you the stupid questions would come, lol.


  2. Okay, as I understand it:

    If you've had a few drinks, and traveling on your bike (L's or P's) and you get caught, you'll lose BOTH licences :shock:

    Full drivers licence and a few drinks (0.05), no probs, BUT!!!!
    Over do it, get caught, and again you'll lose BOTH :facepalm:

    ... no points for excessive drink-driving/riding anyway [-(

    pun intended
  3. Thanks blacknblue for clearing that up.
    What you say makes more sense and sounds logical.
    I just knew what I was told at work couldn't be right.

    Thanks.. Oscar
  4. He's wrong.
  5. he's RIGHT if he was in NSW
  6. Please explain Paul? I'm on my P's for the bike, but I hold a full car license. From what I believe I can drive the car if my BA is 0.05 or below.
    Whether Bombala hotel believes I'm 18 or not is beside the point! :LOL:
  7. checking RTA...

    let's not talk about the Bombala Hotel, or at least let's not mention the car park :rofl:
  8. I always assumed that I only had one license, its just that it allows me to ride a bike or a car because of the included classes on the license. Each class attached to the license can have seperate restrictions, so car BAC can be .05 but bike BAC can be 0. This is why losing your license, for either class, affects the other. It would be different if the penalty for being over BAC was having only the relevant class removed from your license but the penalty is loss of whole license. I could be wrong, I've never seen it spelled out just seems the way it would work.
  9. think your wrong paul

    Motorcycle learner riders must:

    Clearly dislay a black-on-yellow L plate at the rear of the motorcycle when riding. The letter L on the plate must not be hidden.
    Not ride faster than 80km/h and must observe the speed limit where it is below 80km/h.
    Not exceed zero blood alcohol concentration (this means you cannot drink before riding). It is also illegal to ride under the influence of drugs.
    Not tow any trailer or vehicle.
    Not ride within the boundaries of Centennial Park, Sydney.
    Not carry passengers on a motorcycle.
    Not ride motorcycles with an engine capacity over 660ml and a power-to-weight ratio over 150kw/tonne and has not been approved by the RTA and shown on the Approved motorcycles for novice riders list.
    Not use any functions of a mobile phone, including hands-free devices.
    Wear an approved motorcycle helmet properly fitted.
  10. I understand about zero-alcohol for L and P plate riders, but the question is does disqualification for this offence also mean the loss of a full car license? Rod raises an interesting point about there being just one license, with varying endorsements.....
  11. Yep that's right Paul. If a learner riding a motorbike (that also had a full car license) was caught over 0.00 then they would also lose their car license.
    A learner rider that is caught speeding will also have their full car license suspended. Basically if you lose one you lose the other.
  12. This is correct - you only hold one license, and this license says which types of vehicle you are endorsed to operate and under what restrictions for each.
  13. A lot of you are missing the point, and the main question.

    You Can Drink if driving.
    You Can't Drink if riding.

    End of story.
  14. not quite the end...
    If you get caught drinking and riding then you wont be riding OR driving
  15. It needs to be clarified on the RTA website that you can still ride a bike and drive people nuts. Too many people are getting confused.
  16. rta website blows, to much shit on it, rules this rules that, bloody rules, life is run by signs and rules so they can make a dollar or 4 million