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Learners on the freeway? (WA)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by munki, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Hi all

    I am currently on my L's for my RE class license (250cc) with a LR car licence under my belt.

    I have been searching high and low but cannot seem to find this information.

    As i understand it i am not allowed to ride on my own unless with a rider with 4 or more years on a full license. However, the question is am i allowed on the freeway as a learner if i am with my experienced rider mate? And are there any restrictions for riding after dark?

    Many thanks in advance for any help :)

  2. Learners from WA, both on bike and car license can only be on the freeway if they are doing there 25 hours of road experience. Not sure if you have your car license or not, but if your still on the first phase then you cant ride on the freeway. Then again, if you have your car license already, and you do your rode test for the >250cc then you wont have to do the 25 hours, you'll just get your R-E straight away.
  3. Yes i've had my car license for 19 years (LR class - up to 8 tonnes) so i guess i dont need to do the two phase thing. As far as i know i'm on my bike L's until i take the RE test (<250cc) and then its 12 months before i can take my R class (>250cc). So does that mean i'm ok on the freeway while i'm on my bike L's?

  4. Since you've already got your LR, you don't need to do phase 2 L's to get your R-E. So you're on the first and only phase, and not allowed to ride on the Kwinana/Mitchell fwy or inside Kings Park on your L's. However, you're allowed to do 100km/h on Tonkin/Roe etc.

    I've never heard of any restrictions for riding after dark. I got my HR yesterday, and I did several of my lessons in the early morning before sunrise, so I'd say that riding at night is fine.

    Once you've got your R-E license, give it a few weeks then get your R class learners, and then you can ride a more powerful bike as long as you've got your mate with you (and L plates/vest). Keep in mind that the learners permit expires after a year, so you'll need to book your test before it expires, and you can only book 3 months in advance.
  5. ... and I thought our regulations in NSW were complicated! :)
  6. Excellent, cheers for the info :)

    Im just wondering though, why can't you ride in Kings Park on your L's? Its only a 40 zone. It seems a bit weird i can putter around there on my scooter but not on a bigger bike. :S
  7. i think the reason for not being allowed in kings park is the high volume of people that are always there. Plenty of familys and children always walking around, crossing the roads etc. Not a safe place for a true learner to learn in.
  8. L plates spoil the view :p :LOL:
  9. Btw, this is the most amount of Perth riders ive seen in an thread for a while, lets take advantage of this and organise a ride some time aye? Preferably one in 3 weeks, as im still in europe and dont have my bike back :p
  10. Sounds good. My mate has just bought a brand spanker BMW R1200GS Adventure so he's been running it in (and i've been gaining a fair bit of experience) by going for a good ride out at weekends and the odd evening. We've just got back after a nice day cruising up around the Hills, Mundaring Weir Rd to Kalamunda, across the city to Trigg, then back home up the coast road to Burns Beach. Awesome! I'm loving it eh :D
  11. Aww, sounds nice Munki, last time i went on a ride to mundaring i crashed :cry: Hopefully ill get my bike back when i return to Aus, if not ill be very upset as i just came home from the MotoGP qualifying in Brno and have an itchy throttle wrist :p
  12. OT I'd be up for a ride in Perth, BTW love yer bike!
  13. OK, this sounds like a laugh. When you get back post on here again and we can organise something :)
  14. Sure will Munki! I could probably wrangle up extra people to.

    Love yours too! But i prefer mine without the dents :p
  15. hmm Karaman I sure hope mine doesn't end up like that! :shock:
  16. Just dont overtake a car on a bend in Mundaring Weir and you'll be fine :p