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Learners on freeways

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jimmyjames182, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Still on my l's and have been doing the m5 run to work recently.

    Speed limit for a big part of the trip is 100-110kph with light to heavy traffic.

    Doing the learner speed limit of 80kph sees traffic camped on my rear tyre and cars overtaking at speed. To be honest it intimidates the hell out of me and I feel safer traveling at 100kph or so.

    Obviously I'm at risk of getting booked - and i've seen a few cops on that road lately. What do other learners do - 80kph and feel like they're about to get rear ended or keep up with traffic and risk a fine?

  2. I feel for ya there.

    If I wasn't allowed to do the speed limit, I'd stay off that road. Just too dangerous. It's a crap law they got up there.

    At least in Vic it's sensible and learners can go at the posted limit.
  3. Think "safety first", and do whatever that requires to keep you safer...
    If you are skillfull enough and your bike is ok to run at the speed of traffic, then do so, IMHO.

  4. I'm on my L's and I ride along the local freeways where the limit is 100. I tend the split the difference and ride at around 90, and if I notice cars getting close behind me I speed it up a little. I've talked to cops that come into my work and they say they give people a 10km/h margin of error. However I'll step out on a limb here and say that some cops might not be as lenient :p
  5. The lower limit for learners has got to be the most F#$king stupid road law I have ever seen. You Poor pricks in NSW really should be pushing to get it changed. It represents a huge safety risk.
  6. Briefly asked myself the same question when I started out - decided I'd rather lose my licence than my life.
  7. Either take a different road until you're on your Ps, or sit on 100. If you choose the later, take your plate off. People get road rage if you do 80, especially when they're doing 120, and having someone pass you with a 40kmh+ difference is not cool.
  8. i sit on the speed limit.

    my p plate says 90. so people should understand all i can do is 90.
  9. Take the Ls off and travel at the posted speed limit. I'd rather be acting safely than legally.
  10. Perhaps i see you of an afternoon, as i do the same run home. Im on the M5 between about 5:30 and 6:00 usually.

    I just stick to the speed limit, as i found people tend to get to narky when i do 80.
  11. mine 'blew off' the last time i had to do a stint on the FWY down across the mooney mooney when the old pac was closed off in a section.

    its definatly unsafe to ride at 80 when people fly (and trucks coast) down that hill at 120-130.


    unfortunatly if you got rear-ended doing 80, you wouldnt be able to raise any objection to the speed limits in a court as you'd be dead.

    its a bit crazy considering its illegal to drive on a road at significantly less than the posted limit because it poses a risk, yet restricted licence drivers are forced to.
  12. Thanks for the comments everyone. I'm on the m5 at all sorts of different times - shift worker. I'm the big guy on a little cb250 usually with a truck or tradie sitting on my back tyre and looking very nervous.

    One comment made particular sense, rather lose my licence than my life.
  13. The description the RTA gives of doing 'unecessarily slow' is 20 in an 80 zone, with no road conditions to explain this.

    I think part of the driving course should be an aggressive cornering section, where you need to be able to do the speed limit through a vaguely twisty road, because half of people slow down for tiny little bends in the road. Grr..
  14. They have this for motorcyclists in Victoria!

    First part of the P-plates/restricted-full license test is going through a pair of corners as fast as you can without crashing, and you are penalised for going slow. :grin:
  15. Just harden up and Ride the set limit.
  16. Just move to Victoria where you can do the legal speed limit on freeways instead of being a mobile traffic hazard. :LOL:
  17. I use the m4, down from around Penrith to the Silverwater exit. I'm generally sitting on 80, when the limit changes to 90 I sit on 85.

    Never felt like I was in a compromising position because of my speed. I just make sure to stick in the left lane, if an exits coming up I watch my mirrors and headcheck to make sure no one is trying to save 10 seconds, and it's all gravy.
  18. the F3 is a whole nother kettle of fish.
  19. what's the highest speed limit in australia?
  20. 130km/h in NT.