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Learners license - yeaaah!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ~DadAgain~, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. $17 well spent - and a *very* tough 5 questions... Really doesna nyone get any of those wrong?

    "Where should your feet rest when riding?
    A) In mid-air
    8) On the handlebars
    C) dragging along the road
    D) on the footrests provided

    really! :LOL:

  2. Well done! :grin:

    And you'd be surprised as to how many people get the questions wrong...
  3. Congratulations! I just passed my L's test today as well, looking back to when i did that car one when i was 16 i can not see why i was so stressed, supose common sense comes with age :p. Now to finish saving for my bike!
  4. :-k
    Is this like one of those 'trick' questions?
  5. Damn wish NSW licences were that cheap.

    Down here you have to pay for pre-learner course ($70+ from memory), computer test ($35) and $20 for the plastic licence.

    Damn our state!!!

  6. You can al quit ya whinging its $370 in sa! Yes, three hundred and seventee.

    350 for the ridersafe course the an extra 20 to get your permit. I think ridersafe is a good course but damn its expensive especially compared to $17 :(
  7. $220 for the stay upright course and $30 odd for them stooges at the RTA to print off your bit of plastic. No theory test in the ACT if you've got your car L's/P's/fulls.

    Edit: 200 posts. Yay :grin:
  8. 8) On the handlebars

    but only if you have a tailwind....
  9. ^ or a stunter
  10. of course I may have got the learners licence for a mere $17 - but I will have to do a Q-Ride course before I even dare think about throwing my leg over a bike, so I'm up for $330 for 6 hours and then $48per hour thereafter for as long as it takes...

    Initial conversations with others suggest 10-12 hours might be about right so I'm looking at the best part of $650 before I'm both licenced and confident enough to actually think about grabbing a bike!

    (well worth it if it saves my life AND helps free me from the tyranny of Brisbanes buses! ) :grin:
  11. Going in sometime this week or next for my L's - got my certificate the weekend before ANZAC day with my brother and a mate. All up it will've been a good [72+35+20] $127 well spent!

    Now...just gotta get a bike don't I? Kinda regretting that I spent my meagre savings on protective gear now - but then I think that it could save my life, so yeah...no regrets :)