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Learners licence in St Kilda, VIC?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Lya, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I usually go for a run near the beach past Riva and see Learners and P platers riding around in the car parking area.
    Are they doing actual lessons or just socializing and practicing together?

    If lessons, can anybody tell me where to book for one? My friend wants to do it and can't find any information to do it in this St Kilda area, so we were wondering if it was lessons or just social ride.


  2. If its in a car park.. probably just practice sessions.
  3. Have a read of this.
  4. Saturday morning learner rides, Go over and and introduce your self, They will give you a wealth of info,
    Hawklord runs it, you will be most welcome, and very close for you as well,
  5. is your "friend" hot ?
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  6. Hey, that's what I did, I went over there and asked if there are classes, they said go to netrider.net.au and look there so here I am. My friend is pretty worried so I promised to come with her and support, but thought that classes are right near Riva, would be convenient for both of us. :)

  7. Answer the question [MENTION=33197]Lya[/MENTION]!
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  8. If you are talking about behind the BP then it is the best thing you can do. Just turn up you will be welcomed

    Cheers Jeremy
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  10. aren't girls on bike always hot? :p Yeah she is a model looking girl, but has a boy, sorry guys ;)
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  11. wait...is lya a girl or a guy? is lya hot?
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  12. Challenge Accepted. :cool:
  13. lmao - eye candy always welcome.
  14. Im suspect... Lya Joined NR in Dec 2010.. got a bike yet Lya or just like running past us drooling over ours? :p
  15. Lol, regardless if I ride or not I always drool over bikes. I've been riding for 7 years now, recently sold my bike for various reasons, now looking to buy another one, literally. looking. now. ;)
  16. send em to hart [MENTION=33197]Lya[/MENTION]
  17. I would love to do some brushing up on the basics, but it's just way too far for me to travel :(
  18. Make a weekend of it sbbfu.

    come down to melb on friday... stay near practice.. do sat morning practice.. get on board one of the impromptu sat afternoon rides.. then jump on a sunday learner ride and head home monday or just cruise home sunday.. not a bad way to spend a self made long weekend if you ask me..
  19. You forgot brekky before practice Portagrug.