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VIC Learners Insurance.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Overture, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. Hey guys! :D Enjoying my Hyosung as of late but I atm I'm paying like $2100 a year with AMMI >_< I can do my full license in 4 days and everything is booked with HART, can anyone recco a decent alternative? QBE was like $2363.00,keep in mind, I don't have a car license >_> Or will my premium go down when I get the full license. :S I pay by the month XD


  2. Speak to MT1 - I believe he offers very competitive rates...

    Seriously though....

    You don't have a license (learner permit only)

    No car license

    Therefore I assume you are young (u 25)

    Young + inexperienced = greater risk

    Hence the higher premium.

    All I can suggest is shop around but they will all be expensive until you can demonstrate a safe driving/riding history

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  3. I should elaborate, I've been riding dirt bikes etc, helping out at my uncles farm almost every weekend and the Christmas holidays since I was six! I was even riding motocross at 16 until I gave that up for VCE (Year 11 and 12).
    I've never even come close to having an accident, I even did the HART intermediate course after they saw I was very comfortable riding at the learners test. I'm just saying 2100 is basically half the price of the bike , so there's a 50% chance I'm going to write it off? If I get into an accident it's not going to be my fault to begin with.
  4. I recommend just going 3rd party until your premium goes down. By then you will have a nicer bike anyways and will actually be able to afford full comp insurance without breaking the bank.
  5. Whilst I feel for you the simple fact is an insurance company can neither verify prior riding on the farm, nor cares.

    It's not just your ability to operate brakes and throttle that go into an insurance premium. Factors such as type, make and model of bike, your address, security (where is the bike kept), usage, driving I story, claim and/or previous insurance history etc etc etc.

    Until you have built these up, you will be considered a high risk and thus any premium will be priced accordingly.

    Not saying I agree, I'm still pissed off my house insurance premiums keep going up due to fires and floods elsewhere, but that's the way it works.

    What you need to decide - is it worth paying the premium?

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  6. Basically, the worst thing that could happen is I don't pay it then some retard 4x4 driver takes me out >_< Gotta watch them!

    But struggling atm juggling Uni/Work shaving off some cash would have been nice. >_> Wish I could convince my Dad to get his license, then I could put it on his insurance :D then inc. sub 800 premium. T.T

    Thanks guys.
  7. try swann.
  8. QBE Just gave me a quote of 1400ish so going with them :D
    Ty All!!
  9. +1 Everything the Cougar said.

    For the record, from a purely insurance point of view it covers more expensive things then a 4x4 writing your Hyo off... like hitting an explosives truck, setting it of and leveling half a city block for instance.

    //I don't actually know if you'd be covered for that
  10. Just get a cheap bike and tpp it, that will build a no claim.
  11. Anyone under the age of 25 gets reamed by insurance, regardless of company. Also, I'm assuming your bike is faired? You just doubled your premium there too.
  12. 20millon is the 3rd party lol >_> so maybe.. T.T but if I hit one it would probably be from friking tailgaters.. which always seem to be 4x4's in my area >_>

    I love my Hyo and couldn't part with her!... Unless it was a Ducati 1000.. :D or a R1.

    Well $1400 for Comprehensive is pretty decent for a gt650r restricted , most people pay that after 25+ and on full license for superbikes.