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Learners in WA compared to everywhere else?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Patrick, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Seems like WA has different laws on learners compared to everyone else.
    I have read a few threads of people getting their Ls then riding their bikes home. Here in WA the Ls test is 15 questions on a computer that any idiot can pass in under a minute. Then your on your own to learn how to ride, with expensive lessons. Oh, and your not allowed to ride on your own either. Seems like the other states have a bit of a training course or something?

    Whats wrong here...
  2. As far as i see it, its close to identical to the QLD rules, but QLD has Qride to make it easier. There are plenty of netriders in WA that would be happy to help you learn to ride.
  3. The idea behind the laws in WA is that you should be completely competent before you go out on your own. I paid $50/hour for bike lessons, which seemed expensive until I did my truck lessons at $80/hour.

    I'm not going to argue whether the system is better or not.
  4. At the moment im looking for someone in Perth that does lessons. I dont mind paying $50 an hour if they are a decent teacher. Ive been out on the bike a few times just up and down my street, but i really feel i need some lessons and also.. its kinda illegal to ride by myself or with my friends.. gotta have a license for 4 years (i dont know anybody with a motorbike license for 4 years)

    if any perth netriders wanna go for a ride one day id love to tag along :)
  5. hell yeah man, id give simon from smart rider a call also, he helped me with my 250 and also got a few lessons for my open class aswell

    he is a top bloke, also the laws in WA are so much better than QLD man qride my arse, give them a weekend on a bike and they think they can go ride anything, its insane but never the less :D

    leaving perth for this crazy side was the hardest thing i have ever done :p

    if not simon then contact amber at elite motorcycle training in west perth,

    great bunch of people who can point u in the right direction
  6. thanks Simmo & Turnip, appreciate it. Simon sounds like a good choice, but he is a bit far away from me, im in Scarborough/Innaloo area.

    will check out perth riders, thanks for the link.
  7. i just gotta say as backwards as w.a is, it makes some sense getting lessons before being allowed out on the road all by yourself. i mean imagine L platers alone behind the wheel :shock:
    that said, the other states (exc qld) cope just fine riding alone on Ls so the whole concpect seems pointless.
    respect to you boys doin it tough :cool:
  8. Hey, dunno if this will be helpful, I did my lessons down in Wanneroo Road with Brian Muir. A funny chap he is, jokes with ya and offers you a fag before teaching you the decent stuff. He's patient as well so you'll have no problem with picking it up.

    Brian Muir - 9344 4444
    Charges 45 bucks/hour