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Learners Hogging Twisty Roads + Crash?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by hamsandwhich, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    This is from the NSW ride on Saturday, I thought I'd post it here as well so people not watching the NSW thread could see. Hope you enjoy ;)

  2. We want to hear more engine noise and less talk. Much, much less talk. Like, zero.
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  3. How much engine noise do you think a 250 makes!

    (PS. I'll never buy a slip-on :joyful:)
  4. Not enough to drown you out, obviously.
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  5. Come at me, brosef
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  6. what am i seeing?
  7. What time mark is the crash at?
  8. None. I think the reference was to a suspected crash near the end that wasn't.
  9. I wanted to see some carnage. :(

    Are you sure this was a NR ride?
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  10. NR Leaners Motorcycle Demo Derby would be the go. Last bike still mobile wins.
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  11. Nothing really, just a bloke having a chat to himself.
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  12. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1358739764.850055.
  13. Clear as a bell,but next time MORE singing:D
  14. Seconded. Yes please.

    PS, hamsandwhich:
    If you don't like being overtaken, ride faster.
    If you don't want to ride faster, ride at the back.
    If you're being overtaken by that many other riders - and on a learner ride to boot - don't complain about "learners hogging twisty roads" unless you are referring to yourself.
    If you're going to provide audio commentary at the expense of engine noise, please say something more interesting than whining about puddles, potholes, and more confident riders. If you have to beep out every second word, there's not much point doing an audio commentary at all.
    If you can't handle bumpy roads you should probably stick to carparks.
    If you're going to post a video, edit out the boring bits first.
    If there is nothing interesting in the video, don't imply in your thread title that there's something interesting in the video.
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  15. Please can i have my 10 minutes 26 seconds back
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  16. Definatly,lets all stop posting and listen to our own inner smugness.
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  17. Obviously it's not gonna be for everyone but thanks for checking it out anyway.

    Thanks for watching the video. Fyi I'm calling myself being the L plate hogger ;)
  18. To be clear, OP, we're not trying to make you feel unwelcome, but if you look at YouTube motorcycle videos you'll see that the most complained-about aspect is when someone talks or plays shitty music through an entire clip. Motorcyclists want to hear your motorcycle, nothing else.
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  19. Further to my earlier post, which I know was probably a bit over-the-top and unnecessary, this...

    ... is the main point I was trying to convey. My frustration after watching your 10:27 clip got the better of me, and I apologise.
  20. Put a little mustard on your ham sandwich next time mate :)