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Learners - Gain yrs of Experience in few Hours (Vic Riders)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Guest, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. You may order a Ride Smart CD free of charge from

    www.spokes.com.au or call 1800 332 556.

    Ride Smart takes about 5hs to complete & its recommended
    that you complete the program over several sessions.

    While you are out riding, always remember to practice the skills
    learnt. And guidance from your nearest motorcycle training
    provider can also prove to be very helpful.

    Once you've completed the Ride Smart program, you can register
    your completion to put yourself in the draw to win gr8 prizes.

    Prizes on offer can also be found at the above link, together with
    terms & conditions
  2. ANy Victorian people want to order that for me and forward it on, or burn a copy?

    egards, Andrew.
  3. Kish, are people from out of state eligible for the prize(s)?
  4. Only open to Victorians Paul , sorry old chap.
  5. Well that IS discriminatory :LOL: {Let's not start THAT again, shall we??}

    Still, we have LAMS up here, and your poor learners are stuck with less choice, so I s'pose it evens out....
  6. Am currently working my way through the CD at the moment as thought it might be fun and can say that Yes it is probably worth it especially to those who are new to riding, plus revision even for experienced riders is never a bad thing - you can never be too prepared for whats out there, although some of the circumstances our animated friend gets into had me saying "WTF - NO NO, don't do go there, don't do that - watch out for .......!!!" and looking for keyboard brakes!! For example as he/she went to undertake a car near a busy shoping strip with cars reversing out and pedestrians everywhere!!! Although I am so cautious I even identify things they don't ask for as hazards, such as parked Taxis!! - have had a few of those do bizarre things in front of me.
  7. I found the same thing, with both the cd......and freakin taxis. Dammit I avoid those damn yellow terrors like the plague, even when they're parked and driverless!
  8. You are welcome to pay my $50 levy (I think it actually works out to $66 after GST and the rest of the taxes on a tax) for me and I'll happily send up the CD to you....

    You can cover all my 2km/h over the limit speeding fines as well if you'd like.....

    now you bring up about tolls, footpath parking and lane splitting and we'll still call it even
  9. FYI, if you ask nicely, they'll send copies of the CD free of charge to non-Vic residents.

  10. sorry to be a post whore, but i was just reading through the back-posts and thought this one deserved a big BUMP.

    Just ordered my free CD today!
  11. Hey is anyone able to post the cd on a ftp site, so I can download a copy of it . Pretty please :p
  12. Thats what I was about to ask, anywhere I can download the thing?
  13. Emailed the Vic department asking whether they could send me one in Sydney, they agreed, and I got it in the mail today :)
  14. Few years old this one, but tried my luck with this today. mentioned they've got a Drive smart CD so I'm hopeful they still have the Ride smart one.

    Will inform later if successful.
  15. You shouldn't be too late, I got this cd when I begun riding too and it is helpful. They do have a ride smart one.

    I'm lucky I have an old active rider at work and he always notifies me of any legislation changes and any rider incentives such as this.
  16. Oooh I will get one of these :D
  17. Just to confirm that these seem to still be available. I received mine in the mail today.

    Attached Files:

  18. They were a great idea, but just be a little bit sceptical as you go through it . . . and do go through the whole thing, even if it becomes a bit punishing. (Boring, dull, repetitive, frustrating.)

    I did not agree with everything it said/did, but if you don't have a lot of roadcraft under your belt, then it is a starting point. Once you have gained some experience you should be able to look back at it and say, "yeah, that stuff wasn't good enough."
  19. Thanks for your info !