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Learner's first serious ride.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Damian, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Sunday afternoon, three of us decided to do a small ride. I'm a new learner on my 250cc lawnmower, so I wanted to see how it rides.

    Started out from Melbourne's outer east and headed up through the Dandenong ranges. My little rice burner coped ok, my mate's 250 did alright too. The Vulcan 900 ate it up.

    Mountain Highway is a nice twisty road although as a new rider, I had to be real careful with the low visibility spots. Up and out from Sassafras was gorgeous too. The temp was not too hot, not too cold, but just right...

    Monbulk to Silvan we got stuck behind an old panel van towing a popup camper that had a tinny on top. It was slow going. My two mates ripped past. I didn't think I'd push my luck on my first real ride. He pulled off the road after a bit and I had fun catching my mates.

    Mt Evelyn through to Seville was uneventful. I figured this would be the slowest going part of the ride. I was wrong. From Seville on was nice enough with a few opportunities to see what the riceburner could do. Then came all the little towns.

    Why oh why would you have so much beautiful road and a speed limit varying from 50 to 70ks? With a few exceptions, we putted along in second, waiting for the chance to open up a little.

    Warburton was our first stop and we chugged down a quick coffee, watered a tree and moved on to the fun of the Mount Donna Buang road.

    For a long time I've heard bikers talking about "twisties". This road opened my eyes to how much fun you can have on this bit of metal. I took it slow (compared to my mates), but the rush was awesome. The pace increased as I learned a little more about what the bike can and can't do.

    After climbing the tower and enjoying the 360 degree view, we climbed back on and started home.

    On the way back down, I was a little more confident on the corners. It was interesting that we caught a car and I could feel myself wanting to go quicker. Thankfully it turned off after a bit.

    A quick petrol stop at Warburton and back home we went.

    For a first time out, I had a great time. My back was a little stiff after three hours in the saddle. But all in all, a fabulous day.

    Thanks to the gods of speed for this cool invention called the bike.


    Here's the trip... Google Map
  2. congrats on your ride :)

    Yes the twisties are addictive I have found after my few first runs I love them :)
  3. nice mate, glad to hear you came back safe and sound on your first ride.

    its stressfull, but ohh so much fun :cool: goin to the twisties for the first time hey?

    if you ever wanna go for a ride with a fellow learner shoot me a PM man. i live in that area.
  4. mmm fellow learner ride...

    i dont think im up for the mountains and ranges yet :p

    but if anyone wants to city and suburbs cruise one day shout me a pm..
  5. Sounds like u had a blast! I dragged my mate onto the twisties yesterday for the first time. I told him this is what riding really is! Commuting is a different world.. He was packing it but I reckon he enjoyed himself.
  6. Congrats on your first ride. And quite a ride too..