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learners bout to expire

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ibanezboy21, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. my learners about to expire in 2 months, can i get a one year extension or do i have to sit the learner's test again? (which i do not want to)

    i've just got my bike a few months ago and i havn't even learnt counter-steering e-braking etc. and i dont want to rush learning them.

  2. Not sure but I dont think they give extensions anymore, best you as they say.................get on your bike!
  3. The Vic test is fairly easy (some would argue way too easy) and a couple of days is more than enough time to prepare for it - check the training site to see what's involved and go practice for a day or two and search the forum for practice tips. You have months so its no big deal at all. The hardest part is BOOKING IN EARLY.

    Some guys/gals doing the test haven't even ridden a bike apart from on their Ls test and they seem to pass just fine - I had one when I went for my Ps.
  4. I had a friend, who wrote a letter in that said he didn't know that you had to re-sit the test again to get your Ls if your licence expired. They renewed his licence for him, but he had to pay for the issue of the new licence/renewal fee.

    But, seriously. Just get out there and practice!

    Ps are so much easier than the Ls.
  5. Yep, once upon a time you could get your learners renewed, but not anymore. They changed it just prior to my L's expiring and I only found out when I actually rang to renew my Learners.

    I was in the same boat as you...hadn't had my bike for long and didn't think I had the goods to get my P's, so I let it expire. It's a bit disheartening having to start all over again.

    In hindsight, I should've just sat my P's anyway...or written a letter as stargirl suggests. You've got nothing to lose really, just some cash if you don't pass, but you're going to have to pay up to sit your L's again anyway...meh.

    At least when I get my L's back, I'll have 15 months of riding to practice and get skillz :grin:

    Just do what you feel comfortable with.
  6. just go for it mate!

    seriously, if the VIC test is easier than the NSW one and you've been on your bike for a few months you should fly it.
  7. Book in your Ps test then go on every learner ride you can between now and then.

    If you're riding a sportbike, consider hiring one of their more cruisy bikes as they are easier to pass on. U-turning a sportsbike is one of the harder things to achieve unless you've had time to become comfortable with it.
  8. Yeah, there's some bad advice. There is no u-turn in the Vic test - unless something has changed recently - and the sports or trail bikes are way easier to pass on.
    In the Vic pre-test (its just for "fun" and the learning experience - not part of the test) they often make you do cone weaves and slow courses and unless you're a confident rider (which most people aren't at that stage) you can shoot your confidence to shit trying to wobble around on one of those things.
  9. mate book in for your p's. dont re-sit your L's (as said you cant get them extended)

    and check out this thread https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=56888. go for a 'learners' ride each week and you'll be right.

    maybe even do a few peak hour runs for the hell of it. lots of stop starting, clutch/breaking control. good practice although tedious.

    also head out to a supermarket or bunnings carpark when its deserted and get some slow work practice in.
  10. If your unsure just book in for a full day course. You will get more than enough practice and instruction and if worse comes to worse you are allowed one free retest on the day. You don't have to be confident, just get a pass get your licence and then keep practicing in your own time after.
  11. hmm anyone know what you actually do on the p's test?

    e braking at 60km?


    those scare me
  12. There is a pretty good description here


    Just find a P's course where you get some tution prior to the test and you should be sweet.

    Like others have said the P's course it pretty bloody easy here. My brother didnt buy a bike until after he did his P's so he had minimum riding experience at that stage.

  13. Pretty much any goose can pass the License test in Vic. It should be harder IMHO.
  14. You will KICK yourself if you don't give it a go. If you let them expire, then get competent enough to go for your test but are unable to for months, then you will hate it.
  15. I did absolutely no riding between getting my learners and sitting for my License (due to a new baby etc etc) and passed easily, think i only lost 4-5 points. However I do ride a pushbike on the road and believe it or not, there are similarities which i found useful. As said before, pretty much any goose can pass the License test in Vic. GO FOR IT !!!!
  16. I think just go for your P's. No matter where you go they should give you enough practice for you to pass the test. Most people that I did my P's with didnt ride very much. When I did my P's(3months after my L's) I had about 3000km under my belt. I passed it quite easily.

    As for the other people that they had as little as 50km on the road still passed it with with ease. Out of 12 people I think only 2 or 3 failed other than that all passed.
  17. ok guys i've booked mine this morning, doing it in a few weeks
    imo i thought the learners was bloody hard (5 hours of contiuous riding was killing me) plus it was pissin down that day, had no idea how i've passed
  18. Set up a NR learner ride and watch some others wobble around.
    Its amazing what skills you'll pick up on a group ride.