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Learners bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by smiley235, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. Hey all, i'm new here. Have been into cars a fair bit in the past and now want to try motorbikes. I'm booked to get my L's in march and have purchased all my safety gear. Now, just wanted any advice on a good beginners bike. I'm after a 250 4 stroke of some type. Probably early 90's+. I was originally looking at CBR's but found them a bit pricey in many instances however kawasaki more reasonable with the gpx and zzr. Not having ridden any of these bikes, can any1 suggest a good starting point for me?



  2. I have a zzr, its good fun. But its a twin not inline 4. Its pretty much identical to the gpx, just a tiny bit heavier, and bigger fairing, bigger wheels I think too. Early 90s you're looking at something 2500-3500 depending on condition.

    Inline 4 wise, for a 250. The only ones I can think of are the cbr/rr and zxr. But they're pricey for those extra few HP.

    If you're in NSW you can look at getting something > than 250. Up to 660 if the power weight ratio is below 150kw/tonne. Theres a list on the rta site. IMO getting higher capacity is better than spending the same on a sports 250 (if you can in your state).
  3. Zxr250 are pretty cheap 4-5k, cbrs can be a little more from 4.5k -6k (private sells) and if your buying from a dealer expect the zxr to be the price of a cbr and the cbr's to be in the range of 7-8k and for that price i'd just go out and buy a 600cc.
  4. Im riding a suziki across at the moment and i find it to be a great bike to ride. Its a inline 4 cylinder, twin carby. You sit a touch more upright than other sports bikes and they are comfortable on long rides. Tipping the scales at about 165kg they are not heavy at all. They have a big storage space where the tank usually is that can fit your helmet, the tank is under the seat and holds 12 liters, mine gets about 185km before reserve its not great but what can you do. Depending on condition you can pick them up for 2-3k
  5. x2 grim.... im also on an across... awesome bikes to learn on....

    i recommend it if u have a low budget...
  6. thanks for the replies guys, yeh im in VIC so has to be a 250. I'll search for a bit more info on these across bikes,

  7. awesome, thanks for that. :)
  8. +1 GPX - I bought mine a couple of weeks ago, it is a great learner bike but I'm looking to upgrade to ZX-6r once I am off restrictions. :cool:
  9. I own a Honda Spada. I had it for over past 5 months. It's a naked bike and it is a V-Twin. Plently of torque at low speeds. I still love it even I'm off my Ls now. I have meet a lot of people who say Spadas are a great bike to learn on. It might be a bit too old for you. Spadas are late eighties/early ninties. (Officially 1988)
  10. bike

    have you had a look at the hyosung gt250/r
  11. ok fellas, i've been looking through the classified's and such quite frequently mainly at GPX's. I've noticed alot of them look identical in all the pictures, only differing in colours. Does any1 know what difference's each year model might have, because if they are the same, then I would be basing my choice purely on km's rather than year.
  12. get a GPX. i only managed to test the handling. *damn break in period :evil: * which felt awesome.
  13. Pretty much SFA. same as the ZZR250. why fix it if it isn't broken? Sturdy, robust and basic design ensures these bikes will go for ages. small cosmetic changes but mechanically pretty much the same bike
  14. The ZZR is a great little bike, but if you like naked bikes, take a look at the Suzuki Bandit. I have had mine for a couple of years now and still have fun on it.
    Its an inline 4 with pretty decent power (for a 250, similar to the CBR-RR if not better). There are some aussie delivered ones as well.
    I will upgrade one day but not in a great hurry.
  15. awesome, thanks for the clarifications, I have my heart set on a gpx now and may even be inclined to pick up an 88 model with decent k's.

    Well, tomorrow is learners course and permit day :? Fingers crossed.
  16. Ahh the GPX...the only bike scientifically proven to make you less attractive to the opposite sex.