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Learner's bike. Starting from zero.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by falcon9, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, new here and what an awesome resource.

    I'm doing the NSW Learner's training next week to get my Ls. My plan is to be in SE Asia and riding in July and I want at least 3-4 months of experience in riding safely and smartly to get familiar with what's going on before getting over there.
    Aside from the obvious comments of "What a ridiculous idea, the roads over there are nothing like here!" :p what can you tell me about a good LAMS bike to learn to be safe on? I'm pretty tall, 6'3" and light at 70 kg. I've plenty of experience on roads with traffic and bicycles, but I'm not kidding myself: I want to do this safely.

    Right now I'm hearing a GPX250, zz-R250 or a VTR250.

    Can you help to point me in the right direction?

  2. Anything light and nimble will make a good learners bike, I prefer nakeds over sportsbikes, but that what I like your preference may be different.
    Have you thought about scooters?
  3. Hi there.

    This one
    It's mine and for sale
    I am 6'4" and 90kg and it has taken me through my L's and red P plates, selling it due to the fact that I come off restrictions next month and am looking for some thing bigger.

    I will be honest and tell you to sit on as many bikes as you can, go to some of the larger dealerships and throw your leg over some bike till you find one that fits.

    Or buy mine at a 'special price' ;)
  4. Oh and by the way

    Welcome to the forum!
  5. http://cycle-ergo.com/

    vtr250 might be a bit cramped around the knees
    GPX/ZZR/Inazuma are not bad for taller riders. you have to sit on them to see how they feel.

    what sort of bike will you ride overseas?
  6. welcome aboard good luck for your Ls & riding in Asia when you're over there remember to wear a helmet at the least
  7. Thanks, I haven't looked at scooters, I figure a bike is where I want to be. No reason really, just, my reason.

    I think I'll go to a few dealers this week then and check them out. No obligation to buy I suppose.

    I've no idea what I'll be riding over there yet. Something reliable with spare parts available, and sturdy for some kit on the back. The research never ends...

    Yeah, I'll be taking my safety gear over from here when I go, I plan on coming back in as few pieces as possible! And Simigh I'm looking in the 1.5-2.5k range so how special do you want to go on pricing! :)
  8. Not to scare you but just be aware if you don't have your P's before you go you can't get a IDP to ride in the countries that accept them therefore you will be riding illegally if you have an accident travel insurance won't cover you and any medical attention you need will be have to be paid by yourself, even if you have a accident that isn't you fault be prepared to pay up as your riding illegally.
  9. Thanks, yeah, this is basically the deciding factor behind when I fly. I certainly won't be leaving before I have my Ps.
  10. I wouldn't bother taking safety gear over besides a open face helmet as for obvious reasons the safety gear would go in a instant as you would be that hot it would be unbearable if you notice people riding in SEA they are all in shorts and tshirts for a reason but its your choice
  11. Would be looking at a special price of $3500 for Netrider members.

    I am sure you will find a decient ride for the money you have. :)
  12. Not a bad sweetener, but not for me, thanks. I might be looking for a naked frame, maybe a CB520. I will need to resell it before I leave and don't want to bang up the fairings and try to resell that...
  13. I have a CB250 and love it, I got a really good deal on it from another forum member who learned to ride on it now I am learning and its been a pleasure to ride plus it has the scratches and some dents so being my first bike don't have to worry about dropping it and I know I could sell it again when I upgrade at the same price or a little more!
  14. Welcome, CB250 great bike to learn on, reliable and good resale. Where are you starting from? It's always a good idea to see what's for sale over there and if you can, try ang get on same or similar here. There's a lot of short people in SE Asia and s lot of bikes are aimed at that market, check out http://cycle-ergo.com its a great site for tall people to check out how you'll be sitting on different rides. Good luck on your L's Happy riding. Stay safe
  15. Thanks guys. I am not yet certain where I will start, there are a few factors to think about. Flights (probably cheapest) ease of picking up a bike, festivals or happenings at the time and so on. I'm pretty relaxed about this part since I plan on a long trip with no itinerary! So if you have suggestions throw them my way!