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learners bike for big boy

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by linx, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. how you going peoples ,
    ive decided to get my licence and get a bike , im nearly 6 ft 2 , and i way about 95 , i was looking into the cbr250 rr , any input weather i would look to big on it? and other good bikes to consider?

    thanks heaps
  2. You're probably better off looking at a 250 Honda Hornet - same engine as the CBR but in a much larger frame (same as that used for the Hornet 600). The Suzuki Bandit is also worth a look too since that shares a frame with the 400cc version.
  3. Welcome, firstly, what state are you in? if your in NSW or any state that has the LAMS scheme, your in luck, as you can get bigger cc bikes while on your Ls, if so, a Suzi gs500 would be a good start, 250s you generaly have to rev there tits off to get moving.
  4. big leaner legal bikes (LAM) honda rvf400, hyosung gt250r, gt650r as someone said before the gs500..the across might do depends on if you like them or not can't think of anymore atm
  5. I'm 6'4 and most certainly did *not* fit on the CBR250RR. :) The fueltank cutouts and fairings aren't built for anyone bigger than a small deformed Japanese child. You may have a chance on the older CBR250R (single R), which is slightly taller, but still utterly tiny.

    As others said - if you're in NSW, find a larger LAMS bike.

    In 250 terms, the Honda VTR250, Hyosung GT250 and GT250R, and the jap-import Honda Hornet 250 are options. ZZR250 is also fairly big if I remember right.

    Best to just head on down to a bike shop - even if you don't plan to buy from that particular shop - and sit on everything you can legally ride as a learner rather than picking just one bike which mightn't suit you.

    Being a lanky person like you, I was more concerned about finding a bike that I would fit on comfortably for the next 15 months, rather than finding the fastest bike I could wrap myself around for 15 months. :)
  6. i'm 6' my mates 6'5 we both fit on zzr's comfortably
  7. Hey linc, you mentioned that your 6ft 2 but forgot to mention your ugly as all hell as well... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. I'm the same height and weight as you and I have a ZZR-250. Fits me perfectly!
  9. I would definately say the Kwaka ZZR or GPX or the Hyo GT250R if you are stuck to a 250 (Non LAMS)
  10. Dont look past the VTR 250 if your stuck with the 250 restriction in Vic, but if you have the chance for a LAM, definetly go with the GS500F (F=fairing model) great bike to learn plenty of power to last your learner period. Dont look to bad ethier :wink:
  11. Same size and weight, CBR250 too freakin small, get a big naked like VTR250 or GT250. Like fairings then the kwakas are the go.

    Have fun
  12. I recommend looking at a GS500F as they are a bigger bike and L Legal

    I had one when I was learning and they are a great first bike

  13. +1 Fabo.

    cbr250rr is tiny IMO. At least compared to zzr.
  14. Options will be Kawasaki ZZR250, Honda VTR250, Hyosung GT250R, and possibly a Suzuki Across. You could also look at the few 250 cruisers on the market. But definately not a CBR250RR.