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Learners and 600's...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Ninja03, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. Eyy Guys

    New to the forum just signed up then so id like to take the oportunity to say hello to everyone:)

    Im going to my motor bike licence on the in Mid January and just have a quick question. I have a few mates who have jumped straight onto 600's (Some without even getting a licence!!!). Alot of people have tole me you will quickly get sick of the lack of power in the 250's and be hanging out to get your hands on a 600 or even 1000. I have been considering getting straight onto a 600. I have expierience with bikes.

    Just wanted to know what are the chances of getting caught or pulled over and if so what are the consequences??
  2. I love school holidays :roll:
  3. What are the chances of you being a farkwit??

    Pretty good I reckon!
  4. love to mate but im interested in the 600's
  5. how am i being a fark wit??? im asking a question you idiot. Your little response doesnt really answer my question
  6. If you search the forums you'll see this topic has been covered 7032 times. Basically, yes you can, but you're more likely to induce a power related accident. If that does happen then I hope it's only yourself you hurt. LAMS is around for a reason.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. hi mate,

    I would seriously suggest not even bothering to get a license, they are just more trouble then they are worth, if you get caught.....if you go this route though go got get a 1000 or bigger that way if they try to pull you over you can just twist the wrist and disappear. Anyway have fun enjoy your life :roll:
  9. Yes these are usually the wankers that hold everyone up on the good bike roads because they can't ride for shit. The only people who get bored with 250s are those that think fast only means in a straight line.
  10. Get a 600 and skip the 250cc.
    make sure you have an L plate or P plate on so you get a fine and not demerit points.
    If you decide you dont need a license then you better get good at riding pretty fraking quick.

    The police will catch up with you pretty quick if you cant corner.
    Then you will cause an accident and give the rest of us who do the right thing a worse name and possibly cause the loss of yourself or somebody you hit.
    But that dont matter as long as you have fun.
    The stigma of riding a 250 is far worse than killing somebody on a bike you shouldnt be riding.
    You wont be able to insure it either, so you had better be a shit hot rider.

    I come riding with you and show you the skills you need like block passing........ :wink:
  11. Bikes get pulled over way more than cars. If you ride any decent roads with any regularity, or if you're ever RBTed, or ever done for speeding, you're cooked.

    Not worth it. You'll drop/crash a far more expensive bike whilst you're learning, its easier to fall into noobie mistakes with more power on tap, insurance won't cover you so you're fecked if you have any incident/ caught riding unlicensed for the bike + riding without insurance. Sure you will get bored with the power of a 250, but not being able to keep up with 600s, etc. is not about capacity, its about skill - we've got alot of nutters on 250s here who can keep up with the bigger bikes pretty damn well until it comes to the straight.

    What makes you special that you can't do your time like everyone else? :grin:
  12. dude just get the 600 dont bother putting the plates and wearing safety gear coz it wont make you look cool. :mad:

    I believe your friends are posers, dumb and dont care about others safety. As long as you look cool thats all that matters. Grow up buddy!! :mad:

    By the way nice to know ya :evil:
  13. [​IMG]

    Before baiting the troll
  14. Shame on you

    The people who payed this young man out are the real retards, this forum is made for newbie questions, if you dont have any thing to say which will help in regards to his question then dont post in here, that is what this area is made for. It's people like you*looks at the people who made rude comments* who make this forum frusrating at times, insteading of bagging the shit out of him when obviously he is just a keen young rider perhaps help instead of waisting his time and us(readers time). Bloody idiots, for the ones who were helpful, good way to help this young rider to get started in the right direction rather than bag the shit out of him.

    Ninja, there are alot of people who ride with 600's without licences whom i know of, however it all depends on your learning curve, anybody sensible would recommend you to get a 250 first, but people with cars do the same shit, they get high powered cars despite the legal side of things. I believe in Sydney you can jump straight onto a 600cc, but on ballance despite the harash way people put it( few retards) a 250 perhaps would be better to jump on, if however u get a 600id do alot of practice before even taking your bike in busy areas, its definatley a learning curve just like anything else

    Al thhe best mate, and exuse the few fcuktards here. feel free to drop me an email if you hav e any questions :).
  15. Good luck paying the insurance on a 600 Newbie...

  17. 0 - 600, geez thats a big jump.

    get a 250 first and do it the legal way.

    and whats this about posting and stuff. i suggest you have a search of the forums before posting questions like this. or now that we have the 'Ask Police' page, i'm sure hubie will tell you what to do, and where to go just so he can get people like you.
  18. I personally think that is very silly! Firstly, how much do they really value the privilege to be able to ride? If you're caught, that's your licence gone and no more bikes for you for some time.

    This is true..... for an experienced rider who has already done the time on a 250 and moved onto a bigger bike. For a newbie such as yourself that doesn't even have a licence yet you will find every bit of a 250 new - therefore exciting. I think you really have to master your bike first before getting on a 600 or 1000 :shock:. There are very valuable lessons to learn on a learner bike and they're more forgiving.

    :-k How much experience? On what type of roads and conditions? What bike have you ridden?

  19. thank you starlet for your response. Finally a response which didnt bag and belittle my newbiness
  20. re-read your opening post....then just do a quick search.....think you will see why you got the response you got.... :)