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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jenae, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Hi All,

    I have been putting off getting my learners permit for over 12 months. Every time i go to book, I keep thinking ill make a fool of myself because I've never ridden.

    I was going to do 1 on 1 before i book my test but its a minimum for an 8 week wait for a 1 on 1 and I want to go for my learners in the next 2 weeks.

    I was told by a friend to just go for them but how do I convince myself I wont make a fool of myself at the test! I'm worried my nerves will get in the way.

  2. Welcome, I guess the first question you have to ask yourself is this, can you actually ride a bike? If you can, then ask if you've practised some or all of the types of testing they do. Why not go do a HART or similar training day, with test immediately thereafter. Or pitch up to Saturday practice in Elwood (search for the Sat practice thread) and see what goes on, and if you have a bike then do some of the drills yourself to build confidence.
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  3. Hi and welcome Jenae, pretty much as Chillibutton said, and don't worry about making a fool of yourself, everyone else is in the same boat as you, think of it as a bit of fun but at the same time put your mind to it and I'm sure you'll be fine.

    Are you currently riding? If so, what do you ride? Come along to HERE if it's not too far for you, or ask for an escort and your wish will be granted.
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  4. Not currently riding. I have been a pillion on and off for around 4 years and have always wanted my license. I know where everything is on the bike i.e breaks, clutch etc and I can point them out without a second thought but i've never actually ridden myself. Ive been on a scooter and I can take off on a jet ski in a controlled way so i'm assuming a bike wont be too much different (except for having a clutch)
    I have a 2013 Ninja 300 sitting in the garage :)
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  5. Hi Jenae,

    I got my Learners at 21. You will be fine, I had never touched, literally never touched a motorbike. I did not have a manual car license, nor had I ever driven one, I had no idea on mechanics of a motorbike or how to work a clutch, or change gears or anything. Yet I did completely fine in the Learners, never in doubt. I was not the only one like this when I did my Learners, there was 2 other people who had never gotten on bikes, and like me just woke up one day and decided to do it.

    My Girlfriend (22) did the Learners last week, most she had ever done is sit on the back of my bike while I did laps in the car park. She also passed without issue despite feeling very much the same as you; lacking confidence, had only ever pillioned, worried she was too small (as in the weight of the bike and the height of the bike concerned her), awkward that she'd be the only girl etc. She killed it, passed without a problem.

    I'd say you will be completely fine! Especially with your existing scooter experience. As a safety measure both my Girlfriend and I got our Learners at a place that has free re-tests in case you do fail, so you don't have to fork out another $600! Might be something to think about if worried.
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  6. That Ninja is just begging to be ridden Jenae. It doesn't want to sit all alone in the garage, feeling unwanted.

    Go sit on it, make broom broom noises if you want, are the clutch and brake levers/pedal set up to suit you? Perhaps you have an area where you live that you can have someone get the bike to and you can practice? Having been on a scooter and jet-ski should give you an idea of what's expected with the balancing aspect. Don't be afraid, go give it a go, you'll be glad you did, and hey, the warmer weather is not too far away (I think:LOL:)
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  7. Being a girl is definitely another reason why I lack confidence. I feel like people look at motorbikes as a "guys thing". I have only ever driven a manual car because dad said he'd disown me if i didn't learn and that's easy enough!
    Hopefully a bike is much the same!

    When i get my L's, she will have a big ride to make up for all the time she was in the garage and funny you should say that Ned, I went and sat on her and told her how much I love her last night! :D

    I'm feeling a lot more comfortable with my decision to go now! Any advice on calming nerves before the test?
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  8. Having driven a manual car gives you some insight into the co-ordination that's required for gear changing, slowing down and take-off, even if it's backwards; clutch being done by hand and gears by foot, but you''ll soon pick it up and after a while becomes second nature (although I don't know what first nature is?)

    Glad we have been able to help in even this short time frame Jenae, so be positive, confident, prepared and rest assured you'll come out of this a happy rider and your Ninja will thank you for it :playful:
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  9. As noted above, go to a reputable training/testing place like HART and do the two day course/permit test.
    They'll get you started and riding around, then coach you through the testing one step at a time.
    Then you get some practice at the test steps again the next day, then when it's your turn you do the test.
    It makes it very easy and comfortable.
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  10. Hey, I was packing it when I went. And the 21 year old boys made it look so easy I felt extra dumb for finding it hard. I'd been pillion for about 20 years, and driven a car.. Its still rubbing your head and patting your tummy while doing hopscotch. Dont feel bad if you think you're not as good as you hoped - we all learn at our own pace, and believe me, sometimes slow learning curves accelerate rapidly when you get out there ;)

    Bach Rescue Remedy. I nearly o.d'd on the stuff. Worked a treat.
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  11. Ill be happy if i make it through the entire 2 day course without crying or crashing!

    I'm looking at going to Armstrongs for the Learners and trying to book for a day where theres minimal people booked for the course
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  12. JenaeJenae Don't worry about being a girl and don't worry about having never ridden before. That is me on both accounts. 12 months ago I decided to attend a 'learn to ride' lesson and from there decided to attempt my learners. Got it first go! Have confidence, ask questions, be inquisitive. You will find support and answers from a huge variety of people, strangers included. The riding community are hugely supportive and helpful. Ask a question on Netrider and you will get an honest answer (so far so good - for me anyway)! Take two or three lessons if you must, sit on bikes in show rooms, try on riding gear. Are you in Melbourne or regional Vic?
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  13. good luck JenaeJenae and welcome to NR!
  14. I'm in Melbourne :)
    I was looking at going through Armstrongs because I've heard a lot of good things about them

    I have my gear and my bike already, I just need a license! I'm hoping I can make some life long friends once I can get out and start riding
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  15. Good on you JenaeJenae for wanting to give it a go. We are all riders here so are biased that it is a fantastic pastime and you will meet some great people through motorcycling. It is much more than a method of transport it is a life experience. Any of the two day courses understands that you may have no knowledge of motorcycling and are designed to take you through to your L's. Start by studying your Riders Handbook: Victorian rider handbook : VicRoads

    Most people have trouble with nerves, it is easy for us to say don't worry but not much of a help. Be compassionate on yourself, we are our own harshest critics at times. Set your mind to it and you will be zooming around on that bike before you know it.
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  16. No worries JenaeJenae. If you ever get out of Melbourne I can recommend a couple of instructors that only ever take very small classes.
  17. Welcome! :cool:

    You can do it :)
  18. Learner courses assume no prior experience or knowledge. Even if you had it they would still start you from scratch. So probably your position is no different to most others doing the course.

    Just give it a go.
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  19. Welcome to NR...

    Yes, Armstrongs are good. I've been there along with my cousin who had never been on a bike before. We went to the Thomastown facility.
    There were people in our group (of 5) who had not had any riding experience, and they dropped bikes a few times - nothing to worry about. In the end, we all passed the L test. There is enough time to practice in the 2 days and I found the atmosphere was bit relaxed and re-assuring instead of being a beat-em up kind of test...

    Have you had any experience push bike riding? At least the balance part helps...
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    Last edited: Sep 13, 2016
    Thats a lot of BS :p Thats like saying cooking and whipping up good food is a "women's" thing ;)

    I'm a girl, had my quarter life crisis at 25, bought my first bike pre bike licence ( only 3 weeks - so basically I had to pass the test no Ifs or buts ). Confidence is not an overnight thing and still something I struggle with when it comes to doing certain things on the bike ..2.5 years on. Do I regret getting my licence ? No way ..despite having many dumb dumb incidents i still loved it and wouldn't change a thing. I learnt how to drive manual many many moons ago for my car L's ..spent about 2 months before getting very impatient and p.off ( essentially I suck at driving manual ) never ridden a bike..closest to it is a bicycle. I did my Learners at HART Somerton - the 2 day course ( was so nervous that I was probably going to have a brain malfunction ) passed the test and did aok ( i can't really comment on the new testing system)

    Enjoy it and relax, it's an experience if you didn't succeed the first time ..try again, it won't be the end of the world :) Good luck!!
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