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learner written test valid for

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by kyro_02, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. how long is the written test valid for? or is it you do the test...pass... then if you fail your practical test you need to do written test again?

    any ideas... ?

    I know I should give rta a call, but it is 7pm and all.. :)
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  3. i've been looking around vicroads site.. but no luck on how long the written test 'pass' is valid for, but i'll take your word for it, 3 months sounds good enough :p
  4. ah sweet as, all good then

    I tell you what.... I can get 100% questions right in the BOOK!!

    I do the 4 sample tests on the vicroads site and I can only get 1/4 right... sometimes 3/4 ... that test is freaking dodgy or something ??

    EDIT: 100% dodgy test on vicroads site, first I got 2/4 right... second time I did it I made sure I did the same answers but got 1/4 right... grr oh well the book is good enough.
  5. Yeah if you know the book you'll likely get 100% on the written or very close to it. The questions are a mix of blindingly obvious common sense and mysterious ambiguity but if you aren't sure about the wording then ask the examiner to clarify it.
  6. yeah sweet as well i managed to get the vicroads 4 questions right spot on now 4/4(as well as 100% on the book)...

    what i find interesting... is I thought you either had to use front brakes or rear brakes when stopping a normal stop, but not both.. (only both with emergency stop) guess you learn new things everyday :)

    as soon as I purchase my bike, I'm going to do the test... no point doing the test because i won't have a bike to ride!

    thanks ya'll :p