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Learner without LAMS restriction... what to buy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by CrEsT, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. So this is the story...

    I've been riding a 50cc scooter for the last few months and I'm sick of how slow it is... so I decided to upgrade to a real bike.

    On the other hand I am not limited to LAMS since I hold a full motorcycle licence from my home country and as an international student I'm not required by law to hold an Australian license, so I can ride anything I want (or can).

    I'm looking for a sportish bike that will allow me to improve my skills and that will put a grin on my face from time to time. I will be riding to work and uni, mostly in the city and do not intent to commute long distances on it.

    My stats: 5'11, 90kg, athletic build.

    Bikes that I've considered but are out of the list

    Aprilia RS125 - 2 stroke, service centre 1 hour from my home.
    Honda CRB125 - Looks like a push bike

    I have my eyes set on the Yamaha YZF R125, but wanted to share this with you guys and maybe get a new idea.

    What other bikes I should look at, taking into account my stats, commuting needs and that I'm a learner.


  2. how much you looking to spend??
  3. Up to $8,000
  4. Buy an r1...

    Nah just kidding. If you're sick of lack of power on the scooter you will get sick of a 250 pretty quick too. If you've been on the scooter for a few months and comfortable on the roads (dealing with traffic etc) then maybe consider a gs500? Depends how much you want to spend really, there are heaps of threads in this section that cover the whole selection of your options.

    Good luck
  5. If you don't have restrictions then I'd go for something bigger... As you'll get used to whatever you get quickly as long as you respect it.

    You will grow out of any 125 quickly....
  6. CB400?

    Not faired but pretty good punch and handling but certainly not going to be handful. Mine's been fantastic.
  7. A 250 will suit your needs. Vtr, zzr, gpx, ninja250, across, cbr, fzr, etc etc etc
  8. If you head down the cbr250/zxr250 path stay away from sumoto. If you wanna know why just google them.

    Also, with that cash you could get an rvf400 that's in very good nick and have enough cash left for some decent gear

    The rvfs hold their value very very well also.
  9. GS500 would probably be a good stepping stone if that's your aim.
  10. Id stay away from the 125's and at least go 250, or even better, the gs500 as others have stated or cb400. Or get get an sv650 if you really want a bit of kick in the nuts without going overboard :p
  11. ](*,)

    Doh! Forgot the SV650. Would be a great choice.
  12. +1 for the SV650. Non-LAMs SV's are great bikes and that way you avoid paying the premium for a faired LAMs bike. For 8k, you'd be able to get a quite new one too. Also maybe consider the Kwaka ER-6.

    I'm assuming that you've spent enough time on the 50cc scooter that you're not totally green around traffic and you know the basics, like changing gears and how to use a clutch. If you don't know how to ride a manual bike, I'd advise doing a pre-learner course before anything else.
  13. get a 600cc naked. Gladius/SV650, Hornet, er6, FZ6 etc etc
  14. Take advantage of the fact your not on LAMS and get something epic. dont bother with a 125 considering you got sick of the 50cc...

    i put in another vote for an SV650,

    another possible option, see if you can find a lams neutered bike that has been de restricted, they lose heaps of value and you might be able to pick one up very cheap. however its quite rare so you will have to do a lot of searching.
  15. I think the OP has the baby bikes in sight because he is recognising his own skill level. Stick with the 250cc's or the LAM's >250cc bikes.
  16. this was first thing that came to my mind.
  17. Valid point. Dont feel pressured to upgrade to a much bigger bike if u feel like your going to be over your head. You last longer this way :):angel:
  18. the kawasaki er6 is an easy bigger bike to ride.
  19. Oh just get a liter bike of any brand, jump on start, full throttle then drop the clutch....

    (he says hoping no one takes him seriously....)
  20. I know where a nice little ZZR250 is for sale(y)