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Learner with a GPX at WSID

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by skar6270, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. Well I decided to head down to wsid with some mates and see what I could get the gpx to do compared to the kawasaki figures of 14.6s 1/4 mile and 5.75s 0-100.

    Anyway here's one of the slips I found.. my friend told me one of my runs was actually 15.5 but unfortunately I don't have the slip to prove it. This run I launched at maybe 5k rpm as I would on the street. After that I decided to keep trying high rpm starts and dropping the clutch (bad mistake) and ended up doing low 16's because i'd bounce the front off the line.. didn't want to feather the clutch at such high rpm.


    Keep in mind i've been riding for a little bit more than a month, my launches weren't great, reaction times were terrible (didn't affect the ET), I used the clutch to shift and the bike could probably get half a second (or more?) with a proper launch and better rider.

    But in saying that I had so much fun and will definitely go back again, only got compliments from the guys on the big bikes (they were using me as an example to pay out their mates over the phone :p). It was awesome lining up with the 600cc and litre bikes and seeing them hammer it off the line and finish when I was halfway down the track. Next day for me is a track day on the GPX hopefully on the 20th :grin: so i'll post how I go after that.

    p.s UDLOSE thanks for all the help on the day, great talking to you. Can't wait to see the pics haha

    *EDIT* just had a search on google, looks like I didn't actually do too badly after all.. seems like most people get between 15.5-16.5 on a stock bike with experienced riders being able to push it to 15
  2. Wow, nice times.

    Don't worry about the kawasaki figures. Apparently the earlier GPX's had a better state of tune, and even then, they are always ridiculously optimistic.
    5.75s 0-100? Yeah Right :LOL:
  3. No worries mate! It was a good night, even if the track was like an ice rink :shock:

    I hope they got some good pics of us. The two sites to watch are;
    http://badgerphotography.com.au/WSID.htm (right lane)
    http://www.cacklingpipes.com/ (left lane)

    I'm planning to go out again in a few weeks and make up for my disgraceful times. I'll let u know next time I'm going.

  4. Thanks Marty, yeah I think everyone was having problems with the track but still i'd kill to get a time remotely close to 12 seconds haha. Not too sure if i'll be able to make it for a while, got some shifts on wednesday nights at work now but let me know next time you go, definitely want to give it another shot!

    megaphat, thanks a lot! I was actually trying to count the 0-100 time while I was down the track and most times I never made the count to 7 seconds and sometimes just got to 6 (no way is this an accurate 0-100 time :p ).

    When I look at the slip it took me about 6seconds to get from 68mph to 81.29mph which means I was getting about 2mph/second. So by that it would take me 4 seconds less to get to 60mph than what it took me to get to 68mph i.e 5.955seconds.. Obviously that's still not accurate and i'm guessing it must have been something like 6.5seconds.

    *EDIT* photos


  5. Awesome, and well done.

    Something I'm keen to try out on my GS500F.

    When the time comes I might try and catch you guys out there and have a crack at it... :)
  6. I'm pissed that they didn't get any decent photos of me ruining my rear tyre :cry:


  7. Oh that sucks, that burnout was huge.. and after you put on that performance specifically for the camera as well! In the second pic you can see what looks like a band of melted tyre haha.

    Hey thanks memphis, yeah come down whenever you get a chance. It was so much fun and i'm really looking forward to coming back. Just be careful because you will get hit by the bug.. must be something about being able to push your bike without worrying about anything

    p.s I got my pic of my mini wheelie (10cm high woo) on the other website, made the 16 second runs I did worthwhile after all haha

  8. Thats some pretty Wide Eyes in that helmet!!! :grin:

    I know about the racing bug... I use to drag race a HG Prem, but the cubic dollers were getting out of controll!

    I'll come down and have a couple of runs with ya once I get use to my bike.
  9. haha, nice mono! :cool: