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Learner with a big vision!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BGS4MY, Dec 4, 2015.

  1. Hi guys my name is Sam, live in Melbourne.
    I had recently bought myself a new motorbike, its a 2006 XVS400 Dragstar with only 8,000km on the clock
    I absolutely love it, rides so well and has enough power for the streets.
    My future goal for this bike is to turn it into a full custom bobber.
    I just have a few questions for the more experienced people that know these bikes very well and hope you can answer them for me :)
    1) is the xvs400 and xvs650 the same bike frame and parts interchangeable?
    (Obviously engine capacity is different)
    2) anywhere in Melbourne or Australia that sell full bobber kits for my 400?
    3) exhaust systems made for a 650 can be used on a 400 without any problems?
    (Vance and hines short shots in particular, google seems to only know the 650's)

    Thanks in advance i hope to hear from someone here!
  2. welcome aboard :) nice bike good luck with the customising
  3. Do u have a full license ?
  4. Thanks mate cant wait to change it up and add my special touch :)
  5. Not full Licence yet, just got my L's 3 weeks ago lol
  6. U need to read the Lams rules mate as technically any modifications u make to a Lams bike voids its Lams status. Now I'm sure most cops who see a ninja 300 with a P plate on it and a slip on exhaust couldn't really give a stuff. But seeing a full custom bobber with a P plate on it might be a very different story.
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  7. I'd back that statement and suggest you just don't need the grief.
  8. So your saying even with bobber guards (legal length) and aftermarket bars you can still get done for? Even though air filter and exhaust is standard?
    Sorry as i said im new to the bike world.
  9. Dammit that means i have to wait 4 years to start modifying
  10. Or start a project bike in the mean time?

    You could look into detail about permissible modifications to a LAMS bike? You just need to have an argument for the attention you will no doubt attract.
  11. You can mod your bike customise it,but you can't increase its power
  12. Or reduce its weight
  13. Vic roads website

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  14. In essence, reducing the weight affects the power 2 weight of the bike and therefore makes it non-rideable for a LAMS restricted rider.

    In the above mentioned instance, i would just enjoy the bike for what it is and see what you think 12 months down the track.
  15. Your correct , I think he just wants to change the guards and handle bars and paint it white with pink speckles
  16. Haaahaaa add fluro aswell
  17. Ok guys on a serious note, when i am full license and start modifying, is it definite necessary to get the carbi re-jetted when fitting an aftermarket exhaust on? I know you have to especially when changing the air intake.
  18. Not necessary to re-jet but can be done. Or as they say, it's optional.

    I had it done when I changed the exhaust on my XVS 650.
  19. Did you notice a difference in power/acceleration?
  20. I'd it done on the new bike before I picked it up so couldn't compare it as in before/after BUT on a Learner 650 CC, there's not much to notice when it comes to power. :D

    It sounded heaps better though...........