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Learner update - Had new bike for 9 days now...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Admiral Thrawn, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Done 320km on the GPX250R in the past week.

    Just got back from my first ride in the Adelaide Hills. Went up Gorge Rd through Cudlee Creek and Gumeracha before stopping in Birdwood to take a look at the museum.

    On the way back I had a bite to eat at Cudlee Creek and a trouble free ride home.

    The twisty roads were great for practicing cornering. Some off camber, decreasing radius, uphill, downhill, hairpins, sweepers, pretty much everything. I also practiced downshifting under braking approaching corners.

    It was very windy up around Gorge Rd and getting blasted about at 80km/h was an interesting experience. Now I definitely see why ear plugs are a good idea.

    Saw 3 or 4 other riders travelling in the opposite direction and they all gave friendly gestures and nods. Mighty different to and a nice change from the general animosity between car drivers. :)

    I also spent some time this morning practicing various slow speed maneuvers, particularly U-turns, and I'm getting pretty good at them.

    Looks like I'll be making the booking to do the P's test in about 1/4 the time I had originally expected. :grin:

    Here she is on the centre stand while I was greasing the chain:


  2. good work much more fun 2 be had on ya beastie yet enjoy
  3. Nice one, I like adventure riding... If you're interested have a look at www.advrider.com.
  4. That's pretty hardcore! :shock:

    All the roads I went on were fully paved. I just enjoy the twisties and nice scenery. :wink:
  5. The U-turn test can be real tricky but I would also practice accurate slow speed control. This will help with the minimum speed test and the slow S-weave. Just pick a parking space marking line at a clear shopping centre car park and practice going a slow as you can down it and staying as close to the line as possible. Then when you come to the test and instead of a 8cm line you have 50cm to ride within it will look like the Grand Canyon.

    When I did the test, I couldn't do the U-turn test so went wide and faster so I didn't put a foot down and copped the points. But I had that option because I could do all the slow speed stuff so had enough points to play with.
  6. Is there somewhere on the Internet which explains the tests in detail? I'm not sure whether the tests differ from state to state, but I suspect they do.
  7. Not that I know of but it was almost 2 years ago that I went looking. The day after I did the test, I wrote a detailed thread on it.
    I don't know if the test will have changed much since then. The info they send you in the mail once you have booked in doesn't really tell you all that much either. I know that you can get onto the Oaklands Park layout when it isn't being used and have a look at the markings on the ground so you can see how it is laid out.
  8. I dont know about SA but the Vic test competencies were available from the vicroads web site. If it's a one day test as it is here you have to be given prior knowledge of the requirements.
  9. Nice one Admiral Thrawn, good to see you are enjoying your new ride!

    I can't wait to get my GPX soon, hopefully will be getting one this weekend :) *finger-crossed*
  10. You picked a good bike Admiral....My lady and I have a GPX 250 and it is a wonderfull ride. I highly reccomend it to any one ...heck if the two boys love being taken for a burn on it :grin:
  11. those roads look reaal tasty, glad you're enjoying the bike
    i booked in for my Ps last week, and they sent me a few a4 pages with diagrams of the different tests. i'm in Sydney though so it may be different in your state when you book in
  12. Just went for another little ride.

    Scraped the toe sliders for the first time! :grin: