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Learner take 2

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Devilcv8, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. Preamble: I buy new GPX250 for son, I get L's, son gets L's, son gets P's, I book in for P's, son writes bikeoff 1 week before my P test.
    Now have a new for old replacement and have gone an got my L's again (as they expired a couple of weeks after the bike crash)

    Now to do the test before my son does anything stupid, like crash the bike. Only problem is I'm in Canberra most of the time and can only organise the test for the days I'm in Bega. Test consists of ride around the block, ride up the street, stop, u turn and accelerate to the tester, and stop when indicated. ride back to the RTA and you pass.

    And to top it off, after the bike was replaced (cost me 1500 excess plus extra premium for son) the policy was cancelled without any notification to me. Upon reading the policy I see that is correct, but I would assume a letter saying thanks for your business, and BTW you no longer have a policy would be nice.
    Ended up geting a cheque for $770 for the bike gear my son was wearing (it pays to read the policy) which was damaged in the crash and which I had to argue over wether it was covered or no.
  2. I would suggest getting two bikes. His and yours. If you son bins the next one, dont buy another. Hes just going to get himself hurt and/or needs to learn "the value of money"

    Insurance for young males is crazy. I think my premium for 1 year + the excess was $200 less of what the bike is worth.
    I've just got the CTP that you need for rego. I probably should get third party with all the lane splitting I do.
  3. I did my test on one of their bikes. Something like $50 to hire it the for the whole day for the P's course/test. U turns were easier on them too compared to my zzr. Passed first go, so it worked for me.

    But Rockjob's suggestion sounds good. Let your son save for his own bike, that way he's less likely to do anything stupid with it (I'm not saying that the first write-off was his fault or not, but people do tend to look after stuff more if they personally put in the effort to buy it)
  4. my bike cost me 1000, comprehensive insurance would have cost me 1400 a year plus a $900 excess i think, maybe more in the fine print.

    i think i'll just wait until somebody else writes off my rg and say its a collectable vintage etc :grin: how much u reckon i could get
  5. You are in Bega, but if you are visiting Canberra, you can still go for your NSW P's in Queanbeyan which is 5 minutes drive from Canberra, but still in NSW. ACT/NSW share the same Sutton Road motorcycle training centre there.
  6. I actually spend mos of my time in Canberra, but as Bega is not a declared area, the RTA does the test, not a testing centre.