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learner stress in the pouring rain

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Polowski, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. I have had my license for about 1 1/2 months now, and this stretch of rain we are having in Sydney right now is turning my hair grey im sure of it!

    Cars drive like maniacs (moreso than usual)
    Visibility is even poorer
    the list goes on..

    I feel like I have aged a year every time i get off the bike!

    anyone else the same or does this intense stress in the rain go away with a lot more riding experience?
  2. I check the weather forecast - and if its going to rain - or this thick fog - i stay off the bike..
    Figure i'll build up my skills and confidence before trying peak hour in the rain.

    Good luck though!

  3. What? You can ride a bike in the rain now? Won't it get wet? :shock:
  4. I detect sarcasm.... i hear it comes with age.
  5. I've had my bike for about 3 or 4 weeks and had to drop it off for its first service (1000km). Going in wasn't too bad. It was peak time on the Monaro highway and you were lucky to get to the posted speed. Roads were wet and the rain was a misty light annoyance. At least my gear kept me dry, :) .

    You want stress, how about getting a Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 1600cc as a courtesy bike. My bike is a dual purpose and going to a low slung cruiser is interesting.

    Almost dropped it on the way out of the shop, but managed to get away. It was then I discovered that the Vulcan has two pedals for shifting gears.

    Anyway, on the way home it was a game of chance. Rear wheel spinning, a little fish tail and very nervous roundabouts. The rain had increased slightly to make matters worse.
  6. klairi: yep, kicks in around 25 haha :p :grin:
  7. :LOL: :LOL:

    i have wet weather gear and that is fine, i dont get wet at all its just the lack of visibility through the visor and the knowledge that any sudden braking would send me sliding.. I ended up drifting the ass out coming around a corner in 2nd and I wasnt even giving it.. was fun but also stupid :D
  8. *sigh* something to look forward to then!

    I heard it was more around the 30 mark.. the new mid-life crisis period...
    (half way to retirement n all).

    Edit: How is it going for u fuzzy?...
  9. Nah, I've always been a sarcastic bastard :LOL:

    Shouldn't you be off arguing with boro_baba somewhere about who is the least attractive? :p
  10. Fabulous, thanks k .... Sarcasm's been my forte since around age 3, I'm an early starter.
  11. nah - i win hands down
    If thats all you got out of that then u mis-read it...
    Tut tut bitter betty.
  12. Oops now this got well and truly hijacked - apologies to the OP.

    I'll give a serious answer now - yes the more experience you gain in adverse conditions, the more confident you'll become and the less stressful it will be. However whilst the stress will reduce, that heightened level of awareness you have is useful to retain. Yes it will always be mentally more exhausting riding in those sort of conditions :) But getting confidence in how you ride is the key.
  13. Well ... well ... well...

    Looks like people read our little battle before it was replaced with "Deleted!".

    Not well enough though! :wink:

    Just so you all know Klairi did win the ugly contest hands down! :p

    jkz jkz
  14. Um I did get to read all of it, but didn't bother commenting on the entire substance ;) Just poking klairi in the ribs for fun, thats all :grin: Keeps her on her toes. She needs it as she is rushing headlong into middle age apparently :LOL:
  15. Polowski if your not comfortable riding in the rain then dont! you dont have to prove anything to anyone!

    When you gain enough experince in the dry then you can challenge the wet!

    Thats my 2 cents.
  16. I agree, Polowski - rain = more risk, crazier or myopic drivers, less traction... Only had my Ls for s few weeks, and originally said I'd be a fair weather rider only. So much for that - in the last week I've been caught a long way from home in a downpour twice - so the lesson for me is to get used to the rain and not fear it. The same skills apply, just have to be more gentle on the throttle and brakes, and expect less from everyone around you.

    Oh - and if you want stress, try being booked in for the MOST in two days time (mature rider that I am :roll: ) - forecast is RAIN

  17. You get used to it Polowski.

    I rode for a few months before I attempted to ride in the rain, then I rode on weekends when it rained when the pace was slow and I was not in a hurry to get to work. Now I ride rain/hail or shine :grin: I prefer shine, but riding in the rain can be fun when you don't have to be anywhere at a certain time. It teaches you lots about riding and personally I think everyone should ride in every weather condition.

    The first time I rode in heavy rain was on a weekend ride and trust me - it rained :shock: Once I stopped freaking out, I realised it was actually fun and you just have to be (even more) aware of your surroundings.

    Avoid being jerky with gear changes, careful with the back brake cause the back slips quiet easily and don't lean as hard through corners.

    Keep at it, don't stress, relax and take it very easy.

  18. I actually have to ride in so that i can get in to work - there are no car spaces at my work so that is why i got the bike in the first place..

    I am exaggerating a bit, i am not dripping in sweat and shaking whilst curled up in the fetal position - but it certainly is a lot more intense than riding in normal conditions.. :D

    I guess it will just get a bit easier in time :] :grin:
  19. Ya.. wear a fluro rain jacket and take it real easily around roundabouts / hairpins / turning at intersections / other areas where built up oil on the road will get you.

    And of course if you are riding when it hasn't rained in a while (eg. weeks) be extra careful as the first showers will bring out all the oil, not it wont be washed away until the rain has really come out to play.
  20. If you have to ride for work and know the weather forecast brings rain, leave home earlier so you can take it easier on the road..